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Rants & Raves | April 1, 2018

Got something on your mind? Tell us about in 40 words or less. If your rant or rave is about a specific story please mention the headline.

Progress: Arizona is never forward looking just concerned about the old boy network. Oil companies don’t need to run our government.

A little research ... :If we tell them how we want them to make their money, they will tell us how to spend ours. Stop allowing companies and corporations to socially engineer us with agenda politics to attract like-minded customers. They really don’t care.

Former utility regulator: The Arizona Corporation Commission should be abolished. “Up and coming” politicians have used it for years to learn the finer points of corruption. A “do nothing” agency that caters to those “special interests” that put money in their pockets.

Boyfriend charged with child abuse: More child abuse by a boyfriend. Another example of what happens when the mother is working, and the state does not provide any affordable day care. This will only continue to become more and more common.

Burnett, Foggin still in run for city manager: Yes, let’s spend more money to travel the USA for worthless trips to find our next manager. Interviews of their employers can now be done on a thing called Facetime. The cost is free.

Letter, It’s not the gun it’s the people: AR-15 was not “... sold to the public as a sporting rifle.”, “(In} 1956 (s)eeing possibility in the AR-10 design, the Army asks Amalite to work on a smaller caliber version to be named the AR-15 Rifle.”

Day of Action: These teachers are payed way too much for what they turn out here in Kingman. A cashier can’t even count back change if the cash register goes down. They have a lot of nerve to ask for more pay.

It’s not guns, it’s people: Schultz, incorrect statement, “As for the old argument of a gun owner being 80 percent more likely to get killed with his own gun ...” That’s true if you replace 80 percent with “nearly 70 percent.” Sixty-four percent suicides, 4 percent accidents equals 68 percent. (Wikipedia)

One taken to the hospital with minor injuries after bus accident: Eastern Avenue is a 35 mph speed limit. Is it enforced? I am not surprised this has happened that the driver crossed over and hit the bus. Drivers are so impatient and have no respect for the buses.

Water usage: OMG – water for two people and watering my yard to keep it nice looking is already $173 a month. This is completely ridiculous. Find another source of revenue. I would much rather have a property tax increase. Give us a break.

Tarvin child abuse of two-year-old girl: This makes my blood boil. How sick are we of girls having babies, leaving them in the care of their boyfriends, only to have the child injured or killed: Ladies, marriage to a loving man, then children works much better.

Missing Buckeye boy found dead: How very sad. Rest in peace, beautiful little Jesse. You have to wonder what kind of medicine Jesse was on due to a learning disorder. Medicating children for similar problems is scary. Doctors should try the natural route first.

Citizenship question to be asked on census: Trump and friends are indeed draining the swamp. God forbid we would actually ask if you are a citizen? Having worked for the census numerous times, we were forced to take an oath saying we would never ask that question.

Honoring our Vietnam Vets: Thank you, veterans. Thank you Cerbat school for your participation Thursday night. For those needing more understanding of the Vietnam War, I highly recommend Ollie North’s War Stories; Fox News, Saturday nights. As he says, “a story worth telling.”

The shelf life of eggs: Cool story about eggs. Who knew? Now, if they could only have the same sized egg throughout the carton. Sometimes they put several undersized eggs in with the large ones. Maybe better quality control is needed.

Animal free circus? Way to go. Let the humans do all the tricks now. As it should be. Kindness can be learned from animals of all sizes.

Frozen embryos? Yikes. People can’t get the courts to decide who gets the dog. But now they have decided what happens to the embryos. Hard to imagine it has even come to this. What an interesting world we live in.

Embryos: Republicans claim to want smaller government but can’t resist poking into people’s private lives. This is morally wrong of the state.

It’s not the guns, it’s the people: Pure conjecture, personal beliefs, ho-hum.

Prayer in school: People can pray at anytime. They just can’t inflict their choice on others.

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