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Wed, April 24

Letter | Adults must grab hold of our responsibility to protect our kids

Regarding your article,“Arizona Senate panel OKs hotline with hopes of preventing future school shootings,” in addition to the current laws on the books, there appears to be a need for additional guidelines to help rescue individuals who have fallen through the existing cracks.

Ridley Wilson, age 14, has come up with a possible solution that just might work. It’s a simple idea to help with an escalating problem, a national hotline where anyone can anonymously report any suspicious activity or person.

Simple, right? Maybe not so simple.

We as adults have failed miserably in protecting our children. We have dropped the ball numerous times. The absolute best defense is already in place, the children themselves.

Every day they are on the front lines. They know who is a bully, they know who is being bullied, they know who is having problems at home, and they know who always sits by themselves at lunch.

They hear all, and basically they are the ones who must save themselves.

As adults, we need to gather all the information from them and act responsibly by complying and coordinating this vital information into a usable database. All applicable city, county, state and national agencies must be intimately involved to stop this insanity.

This is our responsibility.

Greg Henderson



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