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Mon, June 24

Life is a gift

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Got to thinking this morning. Seems I do my best thinking in the morning. Maybe it's the coffee.

In any case, I was thinking of how fortunate I am to still be here at 71. Neither of my parents were given that gift.

Yes, life truly is a gift. Nearly every day we read or hear about a young person who has taken their own life. Whether it is over bullying, a bad break up, or whatever the reason, their short life ended. If only there were a way to show them what their future could be like, if they could just get over the hurdle, and that soon their feelings would change. They would change as well, and what was important at 15 would have much less meaning 10 years down the road.

I am sure that many of us have thought about suicide at least once in our lives. A time when it seemed that life was so unpleasant that being dead would be a relief. A time when the hurt and pain was so intense you thought that dying would somehow be easier. Looking back now, it probably seems like one of the more outrageous thoughts you ever had. But as we learn with aging, most things really do heal in time.

If only we could find the right words to say to a young mind who really believes that his pain will never end. If only we could show them that it does get better, and we become grateful for our lives no matter how difficult it seems at times. When a young mind contemplates suicide, it is rarely from what some consider to be a mental illness or clinical depression. It is just the overwhelming thought that you will never be able to go on with your life amid your current situation. Oh, if only we could show the movie of the future, and how happy they would be.

While talking with Sister about this subject, we both agreed that it is quite rare for elderly people like us to take their own lives. No matter how ill you may be, how sad you become at times, it is still rare and we know why that is.

It takes many years of living to learn to appreciate most things in life. At some point you do consider yourself quite blessed to have lived so many years. By now you have usually said good-bye to many of your loved ones. If you believe you will meet again someday, that is often all that keeps you going. This precious thing called life is truly a gift.

Let us try and help those who have not yet come to that conclusion.


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