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Rants & Raves | April 8, 2018

Got something on your mind? Tell us about in 40 words or less. If your rant or rave is about a specific story please mention the headline.

Regatta trash: I am also concerned for safety. Where do you think 25,000 people go to the bathroom? Enjoy your float in the warm waters of the pristine Colorado River. All is not paper trash. I feel for the Native Americans.

Sen. Jeff Flake: It is amazing how Republicans blame everybody but themselves. Actually, it’s not as if the party of “no” knows no difference.

Protecting Dreamers: Liberals don’t want Trump’s dreamer help; elections coming in the fall. Trump hit 50 percent today – bad news for liberals. And the 1,200 coming? Liberal laws – just say you’ll be persecuted if you return and you’re in here. Crazy.

Growth: According to Forbes, Butler is the poorest community in this state. When will this community encourage growth and new jobs? Let’s move forward.

Sharon Weber – It’s democracy or anarchy: Thank You Sharon. Finally someone with some common sense. We can’t destroy the nation so half of us can have an oligarchic totalitarian state.

Sharon Webber letter: As someone who has shed blood for this country, I shake my head at both Sharon Weber;s and Gianluca Zanna’s comments. One shows an incredible naivete while one shows an incredible overreaction. Both are incredibly wrong. Apparently neither understand “compromise.”

Democracy or anarchy: Sharon Weber, well said. I agree with you 100 percent.

Teen rescued from sewer pipe: Indeed, an act of God on the same day we celebrate Jesus rising from the dead, another incredible miracle. I can’t even imagine all those hours, but my prayers going out to Jesse and the rescuers who never gave up.

Phoenix mother uses stun gun to wake kids for church: Hey, if that’s what it takes. Better than reading “another 17-year-old drug overdose/shooter,” etc. Bet that mom knows plenty of young people who ended up in prison.

Sharon Weber Democracy or Anarchy: How simplistic, Weber’s alluding to “our” recourse to existing institutions for redress of grievances. How will you restore pre-1913 Allodial Title (removing our present serfdom against which we fought a Revolution), redress insane surveillance abuses, and retrieve stolen trillions?

Supervisors say no to joining opioid lawsuit: No to joining forces against drug dealing doctors and big companies? We don’t have this problem locally, right? I have to wonder how many are themselves using opioids to come to this conclusion. Even small towns do have big problems.

Gianluca Zanna’s 9 ways to stop gun violence: Blaming obscure cases does not solve the problem. Other countries use prozac, have video games, and don’t seem to have this problem. The average citizen does not need a weapon of war.

Sales tax: Wow, uneducated Council. People shop Las Vegas. Bullhead City and Lake Havasu City have no shopping, just like Kingman. The 1 percent increase will not help. My neighbor just bought a $365,000 RV in another state to save on sales tax. Wake up.

County laws aren’t enforced equally: County rules only apply to honest taxpayers; hundreds live on land without septics or permits paying taxes on bare land. County uses excuses and raises taxes on honest citizens instead of enforcing the law for all equally.

Cashiers who can’t count back change: Many people can’t count back change because they have dyscalculia. Many people are born with this disorder. There is no known cure or treatment.

Old idea – Police departments next to public parks for security: New idea (seen here recently) – Police departments in public schools. Marvelous. I wonder how may more of our kids will have to die before this one catches on? How about some pre-massacre planning and funding for this approach, instead of too little, too late?

Local teachers voice displeasure: I have worked in government, education, and the private sector. 1) I knew the salary going into all positions, 2) I accepted that wage, 3) I didn’t gripe about the compensation to which I agreed in advance.

Downtown improvements: Parts of Beale Street looking great. Why can’t we have a clothing and shoe store downtown – like say at the corner of Fourth and Beale streets? And a shame the ice cream parlor-bakery didn’t make it. I like old fashioned candy stores.

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