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Rants & Raves | April 15, 2018

KAA lawyer filing motion on harassment: Are you kidding me? Attorneys do nothing more than sell time and will make nothing but money for this KAA farce. Give it up.

Airport authority lawyer files motion to end alleged harassment: The way the City of Kingman is going about trying to gain possession of the industrial park and airport kind of makes me wonder if it’s an effort to gain value or revenue. I support KAA all the way.

City Council heard proposal for potential additions to Centennial Park: Really? A lake in Centennial Park? Where is the water coming from? Now when you go to the park to enjoy a game, you can be eaten alive by mosquitoes. Great idea. Not.

City Council heard proposal for potential additions to Centennial Park: Much better idea than a lizard and an arch.

Supervisors say no to joining opioid lawsuit: Say no to opioid lawsuit. Yay, (Supervisor) Buster Johnson. Agreed. Please run for president of the United States. It is not ethical to join a suit just to make money. I trust physicians prescribe all medications based assessment and need. Thank you, Buster.

Service dogs: The latest ploy I have heard from the phonies is that the dog is for “emotional support.” Give me a break. All dogs are emotional support.

How can we? How can we get all men marching for equal treatment for all via making sex discrimination a violation of U.S. Constitution? How can we get all women storming their legislators and Congresspeople to ratify two more states for the ERA?

Service dogs: Under educated politicians. State laws can not outweigh federal laws. It is against federal law to ask anyone with a service animal if they are entitled to that animal, or if the animal is a real service dog.

Judge: Assault weapons ban doesn’t violate 2nd Amendment – Wow. Banning weapons of war is not a violation of the Second Amendment. Finally a judge who get’s it. No one wants to take away your privilege to defend yourself. These weapons are not intended to do that.

Ban on AR-15 and large capacity magazines: “The AR-15 and its analogs, along with large capacity magazines, are simply not weapons within the original meaning of the individual constitutional right to ‘bear arms,’” Young wrote.

I disagree. A tyrannical government is no respecter of musket or flintlock.

City Council heard proposal for potential additions to Centennial Park: The lake would be a wonderful idea for us older folks to enjoy. Fishing is not just for kids either and not having to travel to fish would be great for everyone. I vote for the lake and fields.

Staff of Rep. Gosar coming to Kingman: Notice “staff,” not Gosar himself. He doesn’t listen to what voters want at any time. Vote him out asap.

Obituary | Chris Cummins: Chris, you will be dearly missed. Although it has been years since we saw and talked to you, you and Andy will always remain past “family” from the Southern California Edison Days. RIP, Mike and Lorri.

Health care: The cost of health care in this country is shameful. The co-payments just get higher and higher until you just don’t go see the doctor as you should. Even after Medicare takes the first 80 percent, your share is still outragous.

Border: Military at the border? Just imagine how much more tunneling the illegals will have to do now. Those who enter that way are not even added to the count.

Austrian bicyclist: What an absolute tragedy. A man comes all the way from Austria to tour the U.S. on his bicycle only to be killed in Kingman.

Obituary | Jim Madole: RIP, Jim. You were a very kind and gentle soul who will be missed by many. Lorri J.

Has the war party hooked Trump? Yes, the war party has hooked Trump. Just another one of those “chicken hawks” who got five deferments from the draft board for a bone spur. Wish he could have joined us in “The Nam.” Dick Cheney comes to mind.

Kingman educators participate in state-wide walk-in movement: What I would like to know is why nobody talks about the costs of illegals partaking of a free education, which increases costs across the board. I’m tired of being taxed to death.

Burro Creek shooter gets 22½ years for firing at kayakers: Does it seem odd to anyone else that a man was sentenced to 22 years, and he did not kill or injure anyone? (He shot) at kayakers acting aggressively and with poor judgement. But 22 years? You kidding?

Burro Creek shooter gets 22½ years for firing at kayakers: Another judicial inquisition. There is no justification for this sentence.

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