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Tue, April 23

Raising kids: Sometimes hoping for the best is all you get

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I know us old folk sometimes have a tough time relating to the kids of today. But, I wonder if any of us ever owned a pair of sneakers that someone would "jack you up" for?

One of my sister’s grandkids was recently attacked so the four hoodlums could steal his shoes. I ask, how do you relate to this?

Maybe because most of us never owned a pair of $200 shoes, we just never worried about this kind of thing. We are not talking about poor kids stealing from the rich kids. No doubt those shoes ended up on Craig's List or some other local selling site.

We have parents now who are deeply concerned about how much time their children spend playing computer games. Is this what the rest of them are doing? What does it take these days to feel confident that your kids ARE headed in the right direction? Do we have any guarantees that if we are good parents, we get good kids? I don't think so. Most of those raising kids now try to do the best they can and just pray for success. I think that is all you get.

Sadly, it is only when they are already grown up that we learn about parenting. We make mistakes, we don't always make the right decisions, and it can go either way.

There are kids who grow up in the worst of conditions, yet they end up doing good things with their lives. On the other hand, there are those who are indulged with a lot of material things along with love and still take a dark path to adulthood.

With all the "How To" books written over the years, not one that says “How to raise children.” Even Dr. Suess, with his creative ideas, never had children of his own.

When the kids start "acting out," the term used a lot these days, everyone tries to figure out where they went wrong. Wouldn't things be a lot easier if each child did not have different needs? Sometimes I think this may be a big part of the problem. Parent's get direction from the family doctor, the teacher, and even the shrink sometimes. Dr. Phil has all the answers. Just buy his book and you will get it right.

I am very thankful I am no longer raising children. It’s one of the perks of growing old. One of the other things that comes with age is that you cannot tell anyone how to raise their children. Every parent has to learn what works for them. Cross your fingers and hope for the best. That's all you get.


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