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Rants & Raves | April 29, 2018

Got something on your mind? Tell us about in 40 words or less. If your rant or rave is about a specific story please mention the headline.

Zuckerberg and Facebook: Come on! People put their entire private lives on Facebook because they want people to notice them! Really sick. Zuckerberg himself covers a camera on his desk withduct tape. Not under oath (shades of Hillary), didn’t matter what he said.

Lingenfelter and the Initiative: Lingenfelter is doing everything he can to get the TPT initiative stopped. I guess he’s against

“We the People” voting. Maybe he should run for council in Cuba.

Community View | Residents Deserve Better: Appears that the KAA could care less about any positive impact on our community. Rather they prefer to protect their kingdom at any cost. Also who on earth would approve such an absurd contract. Oh let me guess, lawyers!

City of Kingman v. KAA: City employee steals a million dollars, councilmembers plagiarize, drive drunk, request jury trial (public money), drive with suspended license, skip court date. They can’t manage their duties or their personal lives. You really think they can manage an airport? Scary.

Yocum’s history: Speeding, suspended license, D.U.I., raises taxes, and he wants to be a city councilman. YEAH!

Death of the Department of Justice and FBI: What is the matter Ben? Are the Republicans so scared that Hillary might run for president again that you are still bringing her up in the news?

Lake at Centenniel Park: We are in the desert. Water is becoming scarce as people waste it. A lake would fall into that category. No lake here thanks.

Tiny homes in Kingman: The people of Kingman have spoken that they DO NOT want the shacks, and the city council ONCE AGAIN goes ahead anyway. Recall time!

Ron Hunter Obituary: You will be missed by many Ron. RIP my friend till we meet again at the Dambar in the sky! Mike & Lorri

Column | Should we lower the voting age to 16?: No, we should NOT lower the age. In fact we should raise the voting age to 25. We should lower the gun owning age to 14 (under parental guidance).

Lewis resigns from NACFD: April 19th is the day that the NACFD died. Rigged appointments for pro union members. Just what KFD wants. Wondering if they will try to bring the former, incompetent chief back to completely run the district into the ground? Lawsuit?

School heads concerned about shift in spending: Why In the world are administrative costs at 23 percent for the charter school and only 10 percent at the public school level. Something is amiss here!

Hualapai police kill a man who was aiming a gun at them: If they keep putting the police on “administrative leave” after incidents like this, who is there going to be left on active duty to do their jobs? Just wondering. “Now hiring. Must be available for administrative leave.”

MCC’s Alpha Chi Omega chapter receives Apex Award: John Hansen, Peter Roth, and John Kitts are great advisers for Phi Theta Kappa. Great people to have at Mohave Community College!

Vehicle fees: With some of the lowest registration fees in the country, it`s about time. Paying $16.50 to renew your registration on an old clunker is absurdly low. We need emission testing too, get these junks off the road!

Burro Creek shooter: The shooter was not “defending his property,” doesn’t even own it, family does. What he DID do was recklessly shoot at people LEGALLY using the riverway. No remorse for what he had done, got what he deserved!

Helmetless motoryclist killed in crash: So many more helmetless tourists acting invincible on Mohave County roadways. Hope no one else is killed by Sunday.

Letter | Teachers are asking too much: Really Joan? You are obviously not an educator or have children in the schools. Wake up! These students will be taking care of you in your old age, you need them to get a quality education!

Walkout: Teachers get support from staff and students: Support RED ED teachers & students. Write your state legislators. Ask teachers how you can help. Offer assistance to parents in need of child care, transportation, etc. while teachers walk. Make sure students get the education they need to succeed.

Russian Lawyer: There is no Trump/Russia collusion. This Russian woman was a nothing burger, as Don Jr. said. The Russian connection, of course, was all done by the Hillary people. Steele dossier, remember? And collusion isn’t a crime anyway. Geez, enough already!

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