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Sat, May 25

Letter | Re: Morgaine and Wise

I was not aware you had to be a registered voter to comment on political views. I will save you the time, I am a voter.

My take away from this article was that maybe those doing the event wanted a peaceful event given the violent actions, mostly coming from the left. They have a right to invite whomever they want and you were not on their list.

J'aime, just because there is a party does not mean you are automatically invited, so do yourself a favor and get over it. Like Mr. Wise suggested, set up an event of your own to get out what you want to say to the electorate rather than whine about not being invited to their party.

This continued rhetoric and petty complaints are exactly what turns people off of the Democratic party.

A proud Independent voter.

Shirley Mathe

Local resident


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