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Tue, April 23

Letter | True benefactors of higher teacher wages

It is obvious that our teachers in Arizona are paid well below the national average. It is also true in grades K-12 when compared students in the same age brackets, to Arizona students rate at or near the bottom. This implies that money, according to the teachers, will make them better educators. Or, seeing the teachers happier, the students will be inspired to do better. Money may not be the total answer!

Also the curriculum they are taught is often socialistic, biased and in some cases just wrong!

When talking to grandkids, the history they are taught is not the history I lived through. If they are taught civics, the Constitution is a living document and subject to how the government feels that day. Our Founding Fathers in numerous writing, warned of this.

If the Constitution is followed, the Federal Government including the Supreme Court, would have nothing to say about schools, health care, marriage. These would fall under states’ rights.

If we continue not to teach our students about the Constitution and the limits it puts on the Federal Government, allowing students to be taught socialism is the future, we will one day find we no longer have a representative democracy.

There is no such thing as free health care, free food, free housing.

As Margaret Thatcher stated "Socialism is a great thing until you run out of other people's money."

If we pay teachers a decent wage, let's make sure the children are the true benefactor.

Danny Gravener



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