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Tue, April 23

Letter | Judging before knowing

A reply to C.A. Boss from Washington D.C.’s letter “Sacha Baron Cohen and Kingman.”

Boss is a perfect example of someone who believes everything they see on TV is real and true.

If you know anything about Baron Cohen’s work, then you must realize that he is an offensive comedian of, at best, mediocre talent looking for ways to draw attention to himself.

I would ask Boss, have you been to Kingman? Have you been in our businesses, schools, places of worship? Do you know anybody here?

I don’t know why Cohen made Kingman a target, and my understanding is that those people in the TV segment didn’t even live in Kingman.

So before you judge us, try some reality. Come and see for yourself.

I have met some of the greatest people in my life right here in Kingman.

Nancy Tybroski

Kingman resident


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