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Sat, May 25

UFOs: Have we had visitors?

Mike Hayes believes in UFOs although he hasn't seen on himself. (Photo by Vanessa Espinoza/Daily Miner)

Mike Hayes believes in UFOs although he hasn't seen on himself. (Photo by Vanessa Espinoza/Daily Miner)

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, and it’s not Superman. If we don’t know what it is, then it’s an unidentified flying object.

A flying saucer has come to earth to see how Earthlings live on a day-to-day basis. It makes a quick appearance where only a few pair of eyes have the opportunity to experience the out-of-this-world encounter.

There are many believers of these flying saucers and unexplainable unearthly encounters. Mike Hayes has been a believer since the late 1970s. Although he’s never seen one with his own eyes, he is well read on the subject.

“A UFO is an object that cannot be identified as being made by humans due to its maneuverability and speed,” Hayes said when asked what is his definition of a UFO.

There have been many sightings around the world, but in Arizona there has been a handful of unearthly experiences.


Kingman saw its own share of UFO encounters in May 1953. Hayes said a busload of specialists and scientists were put on buses and taken to a crash site near the Hualapai Mountains.

“They worked under lights at night, digging out, and examining the crashed ship,” he said.

Hayes is unsure if the spaceship was circular or a cigar-shaped. Around the same time, there was another aircraft that flew over the radar towers above Andy Devine Avenue heading in a northern direction.

Phoenix Lights

The biggest UFO sighting was in Phoenix in March 13, 1997, where people described the encounter of big bright lights in the sky. Many witnessed the event and some say it was possibly military flares from Davis-Monthan Air Force Base.

“My wife called me and told me that there was something on the news about lights,” Hayes said.

When he got home from work he looked into the subject and realized the lights originated from Las Vegas and eventually made their way south to Phoenix. To this day it’s still unsure what those lights were in the night sky.

Other encounters

CNN reported March 30 of another possible encounter that occurred Feb. 24 in the Arizona sky. An American Airlines pilot radioed in to the nearest air traffic controller claiming to see a UFO pass overhead. The pilot asked if anything had just flown above the aircraft, and the crew said nothing flew over.

Although many of the sightings are old news, Hayes does say that the sightings come in waves. Hayes said in 2017 that 10,500 sightings were seen worldwide, which is the lower part of the curve. When the curve is near its all-time high there can be about 15,000.

Most of the time there isn’t document proof of sightings seen.

“You want to keep watching,” Hayes said. “The last thing you want to do is take your eye off of it.”


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