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Sat, Dec. 07

Letter | Mayor Gates caved

As I’m reading about the “damage control” being done by our Mayor, Monica Gates, I was saddened and upset that she caved to the pressure by this television show of Sacha Barons Cohen, “Who is America?”

I get it that this is a political year and it’s a free-for-all to get our votes, but to sell us out because some “get rich quick” TV show pointed a finger and said, “You’re racist,” is a sham.

I for one do not want to celebrate “Hispanic Month,” “Martin Luther King Day,” or anything like that. Why? Because we will not be used as pawns or pressured by this modern day bully.

We are a multicultural city and have other things to worry about like our water situation. Being forced to celebrate these so called “holidays” to prove to the world we’re not racists is just plain stupid and structured to cause division. We have a great city and great people in it.

Why do we have to prove anything? No, Mayor Monica Gates, we are not for your plan. You got caught by a modern day bully and broadcasted it on TV. Stand for our rights. That is what you were elected for.

Bringing more people here will only cause us more problems. Our city doesn’t have the water to sustain more growth. Until you fix that, our city is fine just the way it is.

You will not be mayor long, so what happens? You’re allowing all these laws and raising taxes, but you’ll be gone and here we are.

Please stick to your original plan and why you were elected. Fix our city, our water situation and our roads.

Don’t worry about being called “racist,” we know it’s not true. Trying to prove we’re not is a waste of your time and energy, which can be used elsewhere in this great city of ours.

Stand strong, Mayor Monica Gates, we’re counting on you.

Sally Morisset

Golden Valley

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