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Rants & Raves | August 5, 2018

Rants & Raves

Rants & Raves

Got something on your mind? Tell us about in 40 words or less. If your rant or rave is about a specific story, please mention the headline.

Who is America?: Joined four friends from Idaho at Chloride Days Parade celebration. Our friends saw parade entrants flying Confederate flags – left immediately (disgusted) before the parade and our planned lunch/shopping.

Local contractors feel shortchanged in bidding for public projects: Who is on the “Kingman Fire Department Selection Committee” and can they explain why a local construction company was not awarded the contract? We need an explation.

US announces billions to help farmers hurt by Trump’s tariffs: So now we are going to bail out farmers because of another Trump edict? I thought conservatives would think that as a crazy plan! Stand up, Republicans, and be honest for a change.

Being a socialist means never having to say you’re sorry: Let me add to that. Trump will be the future of the country ... until he runs us out of money by bailing out farmers, etc.

Local contractors feel short changed in bidding for public projects: Totally agree with Toby Orr. CORE will take our money and be gone before we know what hit us. Buy locally.

We like Kingman: So, what you’re trying to say is Kingman is all exclusive? Those ignorant, like the ones on the show need to leave, not minorities, like others have suggested.

Details, video released in Havasu officer-involved shooting: Seems to me, as a former police officer, they could have tazed him, or there being 3 officers, flanked him with one and maybe getting a look at his hand to see if he was armed. Ten shots?

City of Kingman replies to Sacha Baron Cohen: If we don’t honor black people, we have no honor. This is in of itself a bit too much to swallow. Next it will be my best friend is black.

KUSD transportation working out the kinks: Riding the bus is a “privilege” that we all pay for. This is not an issue about student behavior, it’s about care and custody of institutionalized children. Get off your high horse and fix your buses during the offseason.

Local contractors feel short changed in bidding for public projects: It would be nice if the contract was given to a local as Orr does excellent work and will followup if there is a problem. When a contractor is out of town, job is finished. He’s done. Out of mind.

Traffic fatalities up: I don’t believe they are up due to seatbelts. How many people were saved because they did not have one on? The fatalities are up because of texting and driving. People do not pay attention. I’ve seen it many times when you pass.

Police: Worker at child immigration facility molested teen: There has been at least one other that was raped. One other died. Children have been injected with drugs (not the vaccinations). Meanwhile, DeVos is making $700 a day on some of these kids. Concentration camps.

Letter | Russiagate: Well said, Ralph. After Nixon, George W., and now Trump – how can anyone vote Republican? I’m not a fanatical Democrat but will vote any party with a chance to displace Republicans. At this time, it means vote Democrat.

Mathie’s Letter to Editor: “... (T)he violent actions, mostly coming from the left,” writes Mathie. Really? How about the leader of the Right, “punch him in the face,” and “totally destroy” North Korea, a nation of 25 million souls?

Official warned separation of children bad for them: I watched this. It was explained that the parents broke the law. HELLO! Anyone else breaking the law doesn’t take their kid to jail with them. Stay in your own country and stop breaking our laws. Trump was following law.

Arpaio-Ward fight: Party of babies.

Arpaio-Ward altercation: Wow! Me thinks hysterical Kelli maybe should become a Democrat. Sounds like she would fit right in. Boy, did I ever get this one wrong. Maybe with Joe in office, he could bring out the truth about Obama.

Paul Manafort believed he was above the law: Look at the White House. Sounds like being above the law is a privilege in some circles.

Letter | Russiagate: Thanks, Ralph. I voted for Nixon once, too, and he brought everyone home from Vietnam. Liked him for that, but he just could not stay honest and he let the D.C. toads in his party mess up his administration.

Arpaio claims Ward aggressive at Mohave County event: Neither Ward nor Arpaio represent what Arizona needs in Congress.

News by the numbers: If Trump wants more favorable reporting on his administration and programs, he should start being more honest. If he would be truthful it would help. He has made his own bed.

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