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Sun, June 16

Taking the path of least resistance

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I’m still half asleep, but figured I should get this on paper before I forget the details.

I did not get much sleep last night. There was this chirping sound that kept waking me up. I knew it was not a smoke alarm. Already had that dilemma months ago.

At first I figured it was one of the many fans that were on. I adjusted the speed and hoped that would quiet things down. Maybe because we are using the fans so much, they are wearing out and just beginning to chirp. But alas, the sound continued.

After a pretty dismal night of sleep I got up to get the coffee going. I noticed right away the chirping seemed to be coming from one of the cupboards in the kitchen. I opened the door to the one that seemed to be housing whatever the noise was.

Oddly, when I opened the door, the chirping stopped. I opened and closed it several times, and the same thing would happen. I finally decided it had to be a cricket!

I have dealt with these little critters before and nearly drove myself nuts trying to find them. But low and behold, there sat the little beast square on one of my small plates in the cupboard. What to do?

If I tried to get him, he could get away. If he got away, he could end up finding another place to hide and, thus, giving me another chirp-filled night.

About this time, Sister was awake and I explained the cricket situation. Together we decided if we could quickly throw a small wash cloth on top of him, and we would have him trapped. Then we could just get him outside and be done with it.

I knew I had only one chance to get him. I got a wash cloth and proceeded to sneak up on him. I dropped the wash cloth over him, and I had him! I took him on the plate. I slowly made my way to the front door to put him outside, where HE BELONGS!

About half way to the front door, he crawled out from under the cloth and is quietly sat there staring at me.

I, of course, told him I meant him no harm, but he just needed to be outside. I carried him to our side yard and hoped I had not injured him.

Happily, as soon as he got on the ground he hopped away. Another life saved, and hopefully, a better night sleep for me tonight. I have to admit, my first thought was to smash and kill him. I had one in a closet once that tormented me for three nights. My husband at that time could not hear high-pitched sound and just thought I was crazy.

The bottom line is, I took the path of least resistance. The little noise maker can continue his life, somewhere else.


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