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Thu, Nov. 14

Letter | Re: From a Muslim Child of Kingman

What a great letter.

I can feel your hurt from all the ignorant racists in this town, and I can also feel your joy from all the good people here, too.

I’m sorry because there are so many racists here, and with the racism in the White House, it’s become even worse. Maybe it’s just they’re becoming bolder knowing that they have political backing and support.

I had to smile and shake my head at the nun who told you that you were going to hell because you’re Muslim. Well, as little Catholic kids, we weren’t even supposed to play with Protestant kids, Muslims, Jews, or anybody who wasn’t Catholic because they were all going to hell, too.

It’s sad, but I hear racism all the time here. especially against Muslims – camel jockey, sand nr, “raghead,” and against our Latin neighbors – dirty Mexicans, grease heads, and spics.

These awful words are always spewing from no class, low class white people who in their very next breath are bragging about “my church” and praying to Jesus for this or that.

I’m surprised that the sign isn’t still being displayed at our city limits, but not just warning “nrs to not let the sun go down on ‘em in Kingman,” but now also warning Muslims and Mexicans.

I like Kingman. We’ve been here since the mid-1980s. The weather’s good, not too big and not too small, no earthquakes, no floods, no hurricanes, and affordable.

I just wish there weren’t so many ignorant racists. The world needs peace and love, not hate and anger.

Elizabeth Senn

Local Resident

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