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Tue, Oct. 22

Letter | #INVESTinEd

I’m not sure our state legislators understand the meaning of the word “support.” At the July 18th Tri-City Council meeting, both Regina Cobb and Sonny Borrelli did their best to convince everyone that they were “supporters of education,” even though they told the council just an hour prior they were going to “kill the REDforED bill.”

I think they meant kill the INVESTinED tax initiative that REDforED supporters pounded the pavement for six weeks to collect nearly twice the number of signatures to get on the November ballot, but that’s a mere detail.

During the meeting, Sonny Borrelli went so far as to call REDforED a “socialist movement.” Not only that, during the May 11th KNTR “Speak Out” radio program, he equated the REDforED movement to a group of “terrorists” and “kidnappers” with whom he would never negotiate.

Does Sonny Borrelli understand that every single one of the local REDforED demonstrators and supporters is a constituent in his district to whom he is accountable?

Sonny Borrelli stated that he’s proud of the fact that the Lake Havasu High School has done “more with less,” because their graduation rate is higher as compared with the state average. What he fails to talk about (of course) is Kingman High School, Colorado City High School, and Littlefield High School are all below the state average.

Someone should let Mr. Borrelli know that LD5 has more school districts than just the one in Lake Havasu City, and they’re not doing better with less.

But the worst part of Sonny’s demonstration of his “support” for education came after his five minute “just because I don’t support REDforEd doesn’t mean I don’t support education” rant, and he actually apologized for the heated intensity by claiming it was because he is so “passionate about education.”

For clarification, voting on a budget that includes education funding does not constitute support for education. It means you fight for public education based on your district’s needs. It means you show up and listen to your teacher constituents when they line the streets in protest. And it means you actually are passionate about education, and not just uncontrollably hot under the collar.

Paul Mosley didn’t attend the meeting, but we already know his “support” for public education includes repealing compulsory education, kicking all the “trouble makers” out of school, and no longer feeding the students who show up to school hungry.

And just so we’re clear what our state legislators are going to kill, REDforED isn’t just about teacher salaries. It’s about classroom size, manageable caseloads for school counselors, addressing mental health issues, wrap around services, reasonable time on buses, and school budgets that provide soap, paper towels, and toilet paper for their bathrooms.

THIS is what they’re going to kill. So where’s all the support for education in LD5?

J’aime Morgaine

Kingman resident

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