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Mon, Nov. 18

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Linda loves living in Kingman. (Daily Miner file photo)

Linda loves living in Kingman. (Daily Miner file photo)

I often read inquiries on the local Kingman site from people who are thinking about making a move to our city. They will often ask questions about rental property, jobs, schools and that sort of thing. They also want to know about crime in our town.

There are incredibly negative comments by some of our residents, and it makes me wonder sometimes, why would anyone want to live here?

I personally happen to love living in Kingman and would not want to be anywhere else at this point in my life. My children, brother, sister, and several nephews all feel the same. I always post good comments when I see someone asking questions about our town. I’m not trying to trick anyone, but just telling the truth.

There is no perfect place to live. It mostly depends on what is important to you. I find that most of the people I interact with are kind and helpful. I am a regular at our local Walmart and have yet to run across one single person working in that store who was mean or rude to me. Let's face it, if retail folks are good, that usually means waiters/waitresses and all others who are in jobs of service are as well.

Our town was recently attacked and implied to be racist. I have to wonder if maybe we don't have much diversity here only because more people of color do not move here.

Old people are sometimes not as open to new people and new things. Change can sometimes be difficult for those who have lived here for many years and do not want ANYTHING to change.

There are certainly things in Kingman that I find to be puzzling. However, when I look at the total picture, we are shades above many other small cities. I am not running for office here, and certainly would not want to get political in my writing. I just would like to have the people who do live here now to be a bit more positive when being asked about our town by those considering a move here.

I think most folks who live here are very easy to chat with, whether I am standing in line at a grocery store or sitting in the waiting room of the doctor’s office.

Why just last week I had a most interesting conversation with a patient who was waiting nearby. We got to talking about this and that, and it turns out he is pretty much a Kingman native. He’s been here since childhood and is now well into his 70s. While we were talking, he mentioned that he spent many years hunting deer in this area. He didn’t know how I felt about hunting, so I just listened.

He told a story about one hunting trip he went on by himself. This was out of the norm for him. He had a large deer, or maybe it was an elk, lined up. I am not sure. Just about the time he was ready for the kill, a young deer came within 10 feet of him. He lowered his weapon, and the deer just stood there and looked into his eyes. He found himself looking into the deer's eyes.

After what seemed like a minute or so, the deer just walked away. He said that this encounter had changed him forever. He not only stopped hunting, but found himself seeing all animals through a whole new light.

He said he never took a weapon to an animal from that day forward. I was just looking at him and listening. I noticed his eyes had welled up and he appeared to cry. We didn't talk anymore.

When I left the doctor’s office that day, I felt so privileged that this stranger shared his story with me. This is yet another reason why I love this town.

Everyone has a story to tell, and they don't often care whom they share it.

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