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Rants and Raves | August 12, 2018

Rants & Raves

Rants & Raves

Got something on your mind? Tell us about in 40 words or less. If your rant or rave is about a specific story, please mention the headline.

Racism in Kingman: I believe less than 1 percent in Kingman are racist. But as in any city racism does exist. Lingenfelter saying “dirty Mexicans” puts him in the 1 percent. He doesn’t have moral character to be a council member representing us.

Letter to editor | Prejudice is alive and well: I totally agree with Fermin I felt the prejudice growing up in Kingman in the ‘50s and I sent a letter to name the Little League field after his dad who also was my coach. Former Kingmanite Sonny Alvarado.

Police killings: Killing of citizens across the country by police, was hard to read but no surprise. I wonder how the state of Arizona fits into the country wide statistics. Seems like nearly every night police involved shooting in Phoenix area.

Death penalty: Interesting item on Christianity and the death penalty. Is it possible to be pro-life (anti-abortion) and still think the death penalty is OK?

Opioid crisis: When I lived in another state, the pharmacists would often report the doctors that seemed to be prescribing “way more” pain meds than what seemed normal. That certainly wouldn’t hurt to do here.

Mike Pence on the Space Force: Creating a “Space Force” while ignoring climate change! Guess they can’t see the flames from California in Washington! And they are certainly not worried about Russian hacking, a way more effective way of endangering our nation. Way to go VP!

“Stand your ground “ shooting in Florida: This was a total abuse of intent of the “stand your ground” law, and a way to allow a hate murder to go unpunished.

Candidate Martha McSally: Martha McSally, how you vote speaks so loud, I cannot hear what you say! Your voting record does not match your deceptive ads.

Judge Candidates: Knudson is qualified to be a comptroller not a judge. Saving money hardly qualifies for a judgeship. And we’re suppose to vote for Gordon because he’s a Christian. Crews does have experience so she’ll get my vote.

Letter to editor | Prejudice is alive and well: Thank you Fermin. Sadly, racial prejudice and profiling are STILL with us. I wish I knew how to change that. God did not create just ONE race.

Letter to editor | Smartphones: It’s called progress. Learn it, then embrace it. Those too simple minded will be left behind, and rightfully so.

Letter to editor | From a Muslim child of Kingman: Elizabeth Senn mentions a sign near Kingman warning certain folks to “... be out of town before sunset...”. I’ve been in and out of Kingman thousands of times and challenge her to tell us exactly where she saw this sign!

Letter to editor | From a Muslim child of Kingman: This letter to the Muslim child is absolutely wonderful! There is definitely RACISIM in this town by the car load! The person in the White House, he thinks he is a KING and wants to turn our country into RUSSIA!!

Beginning a Conversation: Mayor Gates is completely delusional. Where is this all inclusive Kingman she speaks of? Please stop trying to sugar coat the situation, you’re only dividing the city more so.

Ward calls out McSally for backtracking on Wall: I thought Trump told us MEXICO would pay for the wall?

Slow drip | Court battle over water: A propaganda piece for big water users and the thirsty Phoenix area. It doesn’t even mention foreign investors that want to make hay and then leave us dry. The water park would not even be a drop in the bucket.

Ward calls out McSally: McSally actually said she wanted a wall where one is needed. There are many natural boundaries already there. President Trump supports McSally. He was five for five Tuesday on his picks. Enough said. Ward sounds desperate.

Kingman addresses local racism head on: White people can’t see a problem they’ve never experienced. Those that espouse it, are very vocal, and sadly, proud. A steady stream of newcomers feed off of Kingman’s reputation as “white haven.” Thanks for the minorities point of view commentary.

Died for your right: This supposed “president” you mention, would that be the draft dodging traitor who has yet to visit the troops overseas, cut their benefits and called them cowards?

Kingman duo arrested for felony shoplifting: Half the population of Kingman are made up of white trash.

A night of terror on Lake Mead: Claire is my granddaughter. I’m in Cottonwood, Idaho, and was around when she grew up. A wonderful person. -Eldon Anglen

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