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Rants & Raves | August 19, 2018

Rants & Raves

Rants & Raves

Got something on your mind? Tell us about in 40 words or less. If your rant or rave is about a specific story, please mention the headline.

Racism in Kingman: I was born and raised in Kingman; there was a sign between Coyote Pass and Kingman that said: “No blacks in Kingman after dark.” My dad and my mom gave out food to the blacks if they needed.

Opioid crisis- Mohave County: A lot said about deaths and rehab- no mention of people who never abuse meds who really need for quality of life!


Gosar and Arpaio in Kingman: Too bad neither Gosar nor Arpaio are unwilling to condemn white supremacy and nationalism. Why? They don’t seem to have a problem with separating families or putting children in cages either. Food for thought.

Man fatally beats daughter’s intruder: Protecting his daughter? I would say that once he was outside, she was no longer in any danger. Might work in Florida, but thankfully it doesn’t work here.

MVD updates: The office has improved its time tremendously from 3 to 5 years ago when the wait time was 45min to 1hr. It’s nice to see friendly faces when you arrive to do your business.

Letter | Regarding cats: Domestic cats need to be contained or removed from the environment. Trap-Neuter-Return does not address the continued decimation of wildlife species nor does it solve environmental or public health issues. Outdoor cats face many hazards which negatively impact their health.

Secretary of State candidates: Good letter Randy Warner. It’s just like local candidates for judgeship. Eric Gordon thinks he’s qualified because he was raised Christian. And Lenore Knudson thinks she’s qualified because she saved the county money. I agree with Randy get better candidates.

Gosar, Arpaio applaud president: Please retire Joe. How much longer do we have to put up with your “justice?”

Opioid crisis: NO ONE, other than cancer patients should be on pain meds for an extended period of time. If you have a chronic illness, you have other options. People have been living with these issues for years,without benefit of opioids.

Ducey claims success in opioid battle: At what price? What happens to legit patients, their quality of life is drastically impacted? How does one get along when they spend the day in excruciating pain? What happened to the doctors “do no harm?”

Editorial cartoon | Aug. 15, 2018: Congratulations Miner for running this editorial cartoon. Our country must be careful about allowing our leaders labeling the press as “Enemy of the People.” This is a way dictators have shut down their opposition just like the name calling. SAD.

New home sales slow as prices creep into “bubble” territory: Interesting. The builders who all endorsed and support Trump are afraid his trade war will hit their profits. No concern about others being hurt by these trade war actions.

Despite pope’s edict on death penalty, Ducey to follow state law: No doubt the pope is doing a tour of all of the prisons with a wash pan and wash cloth. For you locals I mean washing the prisoners feet.

Letter | Halting Curbside: What is different? BHC and LHC hire outside vendors devoid of ethical responsibility towards citizens, who send recyclables to the landfill when it makes no fiscal sense to do otherwise. Our municipal management system is not allowed to do that.

New home sales slow as prices creep into “bubble” territory: Not bad. Year-over year-percentages: new housing starts over 20 percent prices of new houses, over 12 percent increase, new and used house sales over 6 percent.

New Home sales slow as prices creep into “bubble” territory: Wages in Kingman are not sufficient for people residents to buy homes. I have lived and worked in Kingman my entire life and still can’t afford a house. Thanks to California transplants prices are outrageous!

Operation Pal Joey: Have either of these gentlemen heard of the “Honor Flight” program?

Letter | Disturbing a ‘peaceful, quiet community’: Antifa and the radicalized left is a domestic terrorist (hate) group which needs to be labeled as such so when they are prosecuted for their crimes an additional 5-10 years in prison is automatically added to their sentence.

Rant & Rave | Death penalty: Comparing abortion and the death penalty is like comparing apples and oranges. An aborted baby has not been give the chance to live. A person on death row has forfeited his/her right to life by committing a heinous crime.

7 felonies for school district business manager: She was terminated 2 years ago and charges are now being filed. What was the delay? Long has an Arizona State Retirement that should be taken to recover this money and go to prison. No slap on the hands!

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