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Fri, Jan. 17

Guest Column | Esquibel’s take on Kingman racism is political correctness

I was stunned at Fermin Esquibel’s Letter to the Editor, “Prejudice is alive and well.” Sort of goes against the Daily Miner’s previous 2007 story, “Frank Esquibel made Kingman better.” He certainly did.

I, a redhead of Irish-English descent, grew up in Fermin Esquibel’s neighborhood. Although I never noticed at the time, we were one of a handful of white families. The rest were Mexican or Indian, and Esquibel could name them all.

Joe Esquibel and Andy Chavez, my brother’s best friends, often slept on cots under mom’s big tree with us on hot summer nights, telling jokes and laughing all night as their grandmother two doors down played Mexican music all night. Their sisters babysat me when I was little. And Esquibel’s brother and sister-in-law I have considered good friends my entire life.

Esquibel’s dad was very loved by everyone, including me. His brother, Frankie, was a high school runner who I and others went out of our way to watch; he was that good. Having gone to Catholic school kindergarten, I just looked at my old graduation picture, and for the first time realized out of about 20 kids, nearly everyone was Mexican except three of us. Seventy-five years later, Esquibel’s letter caused me to notice that.

My family came to this area after the Civil War. I think someone in my dad’s family of 12 children and mom’s family of six would have noticed these supposed signs that hung in Kingman. We are close to the same age, and I certainly never saw them. And incidentally, four of my five grandchildren are half-Mexican, and my two best friends in El Paso, Texas are from Mexico – and came legally.

And the races are Caucasoid, Negroid and Mongoloid. Mexicans are indeed caucasian.

I think Esquibel has swerved into the new politically correct white superiority garbage that will destroy our country one day.

Don’t look for race problems where there are none. I am an avid reader and one thing I know – there are always left-wingers trying to split up our country.

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