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Wed, Dec. 11

Letter | Prejudice in Kingman is not welcome

I’m writing this on the one-year anniversary of the Charlottesville tragedy.

As I see news coverage of problems across our country relating to prejudice, I can’t help but wonder why Kingman was recently made the butt of a joke implying that our community is prejudice. In a fake town hall meeting, fake “Kingmanites” were appalled at the idea of $385 million being invested into our community in the form of a new mosque. There’s no way a room full of real Kingman residents would turn down that kind of investment into our community.

So I started to wonder why our town was singled out for this criticism. What did we do to deserve such an insulting reputation? There are no hate groups here. There have been no radical, violent demonstrations here. The comedian involved could have used a fictitious town instead. Why pick on Kingman?

Maybe the citizens of Kingman were unfairly judged for simply having a different style of communication. I know Californians like to chitchat, and Arizonan’s like to get straight to the point.

Did that comedian spend time here and condemn us for not being friendly enough? If that’s the case, I would like that comedian to know that a gruff man at the grocery store might be the first one to pull over when your car has broken down in crippling heat. The weather can be extreme here, even life threatening. Chitchat isn’t high on our priorities.

Prejudice is a nasty thing that can cut both ways. Pointing fingers without facts can lead to more prejudice.

Next time someone wants to criticize us, or anyone else, maybe that person should take a look in the mirror first. And to any hate groups looking for a new home, please don’t come here.

You wouldn’t like it.

Lorraine Nelms

Kingman resident

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