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Sat, Dec. 07

Letter | Social media intolerance

One of the biggest problems of the day is “Social Media Intolerance,” which is deeply embedded in today’s political parties.

It does not matter what one’s opinion is of the world or of this country, state, city, community or flags. We all have an “opinion” that social media and letters to the editor allow us to express freely and openly. Our Constitution gives us that right to express our ideas, opinions, and thoughts freely and openly.

It is much too easy to open one’s mouth and express our opinion without thought of the other persons right to retaliate in speech or written statement. Often it is far more successful to sit down one-on-one or with a moderator and debate our differences. Most of the time common ground can be found without publicly calling others names and pointing fingers. My opinion on the Confederate flag is my opinion and that is all.

I believe we lost far too many American lives on both sides to keep fighting a war that divided this great nation. I see this flag as one’s personal freedom of expression. I don’t salute it, I don’t fly it or tear it down that is not my right to do.

I salute the American Flag, I stand for the National Anthem and I pray to God for Our Great Nation and all its people.

I suggest before anyone writes any more public statements that Mr. Alexander, Mr. Wheeler, and Ms. Carey find a mediator and talk this out privately leaving the emotions outside the door. God Bless and good luck. My two cents.

Danny King

Local resident

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