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Rants & Raves | August 26, 2018

Rants & Raves

Rants & Raves

Got something on your mind? Tell us about in 40 words or less. If your rant or rave is about a specific story, please mention the headline.

Letter | Prejudice in Kingman is not welcome: Good question. Why was Kingman chosen for Sacha Cohen’s piece? I think the Miner and mayor should pursue that question and make the answer public.

Letter | Prejudice in Kingman is not welcome Good question: Wrong Lorriane, they were not “fake Kingmanites,” but they were paid to attend though. There is plenty of racist “chit chat” in Kingman, you just need to listen more carefully.

Real estate agent Brayson Brock: Congrats to this young man for having the passion to start a business at such a young age, I will say please be careful as this company will not do business on the straight and narrow, they take shortcuts.

Catholic abuse cases: All too common of a story these days where a so-called person of God commits child molestation. Not only this former pastor from Prescott, but the whole deal with the Catholic priests in Philadelphia. Sick, sick, individuals.

Stoned at 3700 feet: Pam – You made my day. I feed two stray cats and about midnight, baby skunks from the gully come up and finish off their food. They’re almost as cute as baby quail. Come on over.

Fallas closing: I will miss that store. Especially around Christmas time. Perhaps just too many folks are shopping on line these days. Even some of the huge shopping malls are closing.

Massacre at Skeleton Cave: One of the many massacres perpetrated by BOTH sides in the endless wars of mankind.

Guest Column | Esquibel’s take on Kingman racism is political correctness: Just because you read a lot does not make racism go away. Most racists don’t read much, that’s why they have to have racial scapegoats.

Guest Column | Esquibel’s take on Kingman racism is political correctness: “Political correctness” is what most people call good manners. Why does Athens continually tell us about her ethnic background? If it didn’t matter to her, she would not need to continually tell us about it.

Gathering more information about vaccines: Unvaccinated children will eventually start dying from diseases that were mostly eradicated decades ago. Since we have this going on and the flat earth people rampant, it’s time to start better science education in schools.

Guest Column | Esquibel’s take on Kingman racism is political correctness: Here’s a different way to think about it.There’s only one race, the HUMAN race. That thought alone eliminates racism.

With White House stung by accusation: Mr. Trump. Cohen is just doing what you taught him. “The Art of the Deal.” What’s untruthful about that?

Mohave County public records requests: I totally agree. Mohave County should charge for copies of requested records with monies paid upfront. Hospitals and other medical facilities have been charging for years. If you pay for something maybe one would have the courtesy to pick it up.

Gun Control: Eliminate drug dealers, eliminate illegal drugs, eliminate gangs, eliminate black market. Adopt the guillotine, use the death penalty, and add a revolving door on death row. Only then, we will have gun control. Think about the victim’s family.

Letter | Teacher rebellion puts red-state Republicans on defensive: When was the last time this 80-year-old visited a classroom? Today he’d find children using stubs for pencils, paper previously used, white boards (chalk boards for his reference) so worn writing isn’t clear, textbooks decades old.

New Trump Science Appointee: He will be fired soon because he will be a liar. He does not give a darn about Science and the effects it has on everything. It will be fake or alternative or not the truth, truth!

Rant and rave | Opioid Crisis: It is easy to make decide what someone else should or shouldn’t have. This person must either be a Super Doctor, or a person unable to imagine walking in the shoes of others in pain.

Letter | disturbing a peaceful and quiet community: Antifas is a group formed to counter the rise of fascist white supremacist groups (neo-Nazis)! Anti (against) Fas (fascism). They do not go about terrorizing the citizenry. If you feel intimidated by them, who are YOU affiliated with?

Column | Can America ever come together again? Wake up and smell the coffee Buchanan. Trump THRIVES on bringing anybody down who crosses him.

McCain stops medical treatment for his brain cancer: I hope many will join me in respect, and gentle thoughts for Senator McCain and his family. He has served his country and state with courage and integrity in the best tradition of American patriots.

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