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Sat, Dec. 14

Letter | No fueling the hate

Driving on Andy Devine, I’m seeing this part of town struggle for an identity. The hard work and dedication in trying to put positive feedback for our beloved town of Kingman has now gotten the brand it was seeking.

We are now known as "racist," thanks to the unfortunate interview of our mayor, Monica Gates, and the horrible program of Sacha Baron Cohen, "Who is America?" The wonderful town of Kingman has become officially divided.

Yes, organizations will be trying to get rid of racism now, but there's a saying, "One bad thing will be remembered more often than a thousand good things." It's too late to take back what's done.

The footprint is here and no amount of meetings or talks will erase this image that now has become Kingman's legacy and brand, nor will it erase the reality that we will never be known for anything else, not even Route 66, without this black eye being mentioned.

This is so sad to see unfold in this wonderful upcoming town of Kingman. If you look back in history, the bad outnumbers the good. Oh, we can try to erase it but the image is here forever. We will not attend these meetings. Why? Because I, for one, can see that racism can't be solved. It's in history. It will only fuel a fire that will forever burn and never go out.

There will never be a meeting of the minds and this town will remain divided. It has already brought division and discord among us. When we moved here, it was the peace and quiet and how everybody minded their own affairs.

We were so amazed at how tranquil Kingman was and joined in on the community efforts to make our town known for being a great place to settle down and raise a family, to retire and enjoy life.

Now, sadly, that has changed. No, we will not be going to the meetings or joining in on discussions that will turn into shouting matches and name calling.

Racism can't be solved, it’s always there, it’s in history.

We will not fuel the fire of hate.

Sally Morisset

Golden Valley

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