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Rants & Raves | Dec. 2, 2018

Got something on your mind? Tell us about in 40 words or less. If your rant or rave is about a specific story, please mention the headline.

Aid Group, 85,000 children may have died from hunger in Yemen: What about the children in America who are in need of food and clothing? Groups are always saying feed the children of whatever country. Eighty-five thousand children may have died from hunger in Yemen. The other side is maybe they didn’t.

Real intentions: Of course it isn’t enough money needed! Research for diseases is a big business. Jerry Lewis telethon for MD has raised 2.46 billion and we still have people with Muscular Dystrophy. I question what their real intentions are?

Department of Corrections: Murders a woman the day after being released? Wow, the prison must have been overcrowded. Sadly, it is the Department of Corrections that decides when it is time to go home. The sentence the judge determines is often ignored.

Fenced Out/Cattle causing problems on private property: Doesn’t anybody protect their property with ultrasonic horns? These, blasting annoying audio that we can’t hear, outward in all directions, would solve the problem. Except for some pets – which should have indoor access to escape the on-hours “invisible noise.”

‘Real ID’ standards coming to Arizona: Now a new ID just to fly within the country. To vote for president of the US or government representatives, nothing.

Two-time US senate candidate Ward seeks Arizona GOP post: Kelli, Arizona Republicans don’t know what they want. Why should you be the one to bring the “message?” I am an independent and will remain so.

Democrats made gains, but Arizona isn’t purple yet: Only a matter of a short time, Republicans. You just won’t have the numbers in coming elections.

Two-time US Senate candidate Ward seeks top Arizona GOP post: You would have my vote, Kelli Ward. We miss you representing us in this district.

Gene-edited baby by Chinese scientist: Really scary. Don’t imagine God, the creator of humans, is too happy with this. Not surprised it’s in China where, under the one child policy, women are forced to abort (kill) their second unborn up through the eighth month.

Patients are taxpayers, too: Tell me again, what does liberalism have to do with your health? Shouldn’t rich conservatives and criminals have health care?

County assessor to tax land with farming wells at higher value: Thank you assessor Jeanne Kentch for your attention to our farming/water dilemma. Some people in this county think you can drink sand!

Think twice, save a life: KPD receives grant for DUI enforcement: It’s about time! The KPD is stretched to the limit everyday of the year and still bravely performs.

U.S. Forces: 3 American service members killed in Afghanistan: We continue to fail learning our lessons in dealing with these no-win situations! Trump and the boys need to get us out of there.

Hunting tags: Oh yes. Let’s make sure and not waste any hunting tags. How would people feed themselves if they did not have an opportunity to kill animals for it? Oh yeah, not a sport, but instead, a favor. To whom?

Slow down: Yes, thank you! I am so sick of being tailgated for going the speed limit – some drivers think they are more important than anyone else and that they have special rights over mine – stop driving like idiots.

Prop 413: Hooray! I am not the only one. I don’t want growth either. There has to be a small town with affordable housing and safe streets somewhere in Arizona. I think it should be Kingman. Don’t muck it up with growth.

Republicans worry points for 2020: I’m not a Democrat, but I see three worry points for Republicans in 2020. Trump, Trump and Trump. I will be supporting John Kasich if he runs.

Government climate report warns of worsening U.S. disasters: Try telling this to the “flat-earth” and global warming non-believers.

Rant on pistacio farms vs. “human food”: So nuts aren’t human food? Wait’ll you’re hungry! Alfalfa feeds cows (milk we drink), and our livestock. Sadly, Kingman lost hundreds of cows when our dairy farm closed yeaars ago. 4H tells me they could’ve been slaughtered for human food.

Hunting: A killing contest? If that is not one of the most disgusting hunting ideas yet. Where do these people get these ideas? How in God’s name were they raised?

Wedding Bells | Elijah Brown and Yani Zheng: Congrats Eli! May you be happy forever.

Community View | A 3-step approach to stopping illegal aliens: Illegals have taken jobs Americans used to do; only now, those jobs pay less than the minimum wage. I agree totally with this writer.

A 3-way approach to stopping illegal aliens: You’re right, Danny. Democrats AND Republicans want illegals in this country because illegals will work for less than minimum wage.

Registration increase: Thirty-two dollars a vehicle is reasonable to support and fund the DPS. For just 62 cents a week, it is OK with me. The DPS needs more officers, vehicles, and equipment, and now they can have it.

Long John Silver’s closing: Sad they’re closing. But the architect asked for it. Outside is absolutely the best, most stunning view of the Hualapai Mountains in all of Kingman, which is the view from the back door of their kitchen! Insane they blocked their finest asset.

New fees at DMV: This is outrageous. Older cars registration is only $20 or $25, and this will double the cost. Road maintenance is paid by gas taxes. This just a new tax to take advantage of people in Arizona.

Route 66 Bakery: Good luck to the new Route 66 Bakery. We can’t have too much sweetness in Kingman.

Public Safety Fee going into effect: What the heck? Taxpayers to be hit with hundreds of dollars in fees? The legal authority for this was poorly drafted and enacted without voter approval. Further, the fee notification gives zero time to take this matter to the courts.

Trump’s crucial test at San Ysidro: Why is Mexico not paying for the wall. Trump told us they would!

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