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Sat, Jan. 22

Community View | When buying wood, make sure you don’t get a hatchet job

I just got ripped off big time by a firewood guy from Craigslist. I didn’t have to get ripped off, I own a tape measure and can figure a cord.

If five guys show up and explode the wood into a 40-foot circle and tell you it is two cords, you could insist on the wood being stacked. I didn’t and from about a 12-by-6-by-3 loosely thrown trailer, I stacked half of a cord. This won’t last till Christmas!

I retired early because my back couldn’t keep up. I was no slacker and loved to work. I earned my retirement as many of you did as well, but money is tight. My winter wood budget has been stolen.

I know the law can’t get this guy. I know he is stealing from folks like me daily, and some he spooks into silence. Not me.

Although just conned, I cut firewood in Washington where it is heaven for a woodcutter. Here in Arizona your woodcutters work much harder to get your cord. The honest folks who give you a full cord are dusty gold mines. Pass their numbers with reverence.

Here are some fun number facts. A cord of wood is a tight stack 4x4x8= 128. You can get here (128) in other ways. In whining and warning my friends, I got a legit wood guy. The load he brought was a full-size pick-up stacked tight with side racks. This is the part we can do for each other. Use the cool guys and lose the jerks. At the end of this letter I will share the cool wood numbers I have so far.

In doing my duty as a citizen, I shared my story with law enforcement. I don’t expect results for the cash I lost. I’m just adding my story to the database. Before I started this letter, I asked permission from the editor and got the go ahead to do this. Nice fellow as well.

My woodcutters’ phone numbers are Bryan, 928-606-6397, and Bryce, 928-899-4897. I won’t publish their prices, but even with gas included you will be pleasantly surprised. You got my word on it.

No more Craigslist roulette for our firewood.

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