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Rants & Raves | Dec. 16, 2018

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Kingman Railroad Museum spreads local knowledge: This is really a great attraction for our area. I encourage ALL local residents and traveling visitors to enjoy this.

New vehicle fees: Personalized and special background license plate holders have to already pay an extra $25.00 every time we renew our vehicles. Now it will be $57.00, on top of registration fees? What is that money being used for?

Gov. Ducey to lawmakers: Back off plans to reverse $32 vehicle fee: Thank you Governor Ducey. If this plan is repealed, state lawmakers will continue dipping to into education funds for their pet projects.

How democracy is losing the world: Maybe we should start electing politicians who are honest and who want to be in government for the right reasons.

Gov. Ducey to lawmakers: Back off plans to repeal $32 vehicle fee: Using loopholes to set levies (taxes), giving ADOT a blank check. Politics as usual. Plus, we all know this is just the beginning. It starts at $32/vehicle this year. How much next year? And the year after?

Trump Threatens Government Shutdown: Pelosi, Hillary and Schumer are all on tape some years back being for a wall. What happened? Oh right, now Trump’s here. Pelosi preaches transparency but was distressed that Trump allowed the press to witness their actual meeting.


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