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Rants & Raves | Dec. 23, 2018

Got something on your mind? Tell us about it in 40 words or less. If your rant or rave is about a specific story, please mention the headline.

Passing of Leonard Seaborn: Karen and family: So sad about your loss. Leonard was one of the good guys and a great neighbor long ago. You and family are in my thoughts and prayers. Rest in peace Leonard.

Your community newspaper: Nice editorial about the newspaper. There will be many who have complaints about how your newspaper is done. You can’t please all the people all the time. Keep on trucking! You do your best, and that’s all they get.

Who’s more likely to be audited: Budget cuts have crippled the IRS. I still want to see Trump’s tax returns. Every other president has shown their tax returns. What is he hiding?

White House digs in on border wall demand: The buck stops at the White House. It’s all about the president and his ego. I thought Mexico was going to pay for the wall.

Ducey campaign received $500K from auto dealership billionaire: We find this surprising. Politics as usual. Money buys power and influence. Period.

Pelosi gives Trump an important civics lesson: Trump should never get into the ring with Pelosi or Schummer. He needs to pressure Mexico to pay for the wall. That’s what he TOLD us he was going to do.

Kingman is a great place: Thank you Betsy Parker for your wonderful article on our city of Kingman. I appreciate that you took the time to praise this old daughter of the west. She’s been maligned often but she still stands in honor.

The people’s revolutions against the global elites: Sixty three million people gave the United States the finger? Doesn’t seem like a majority of Americans as much as just another disgruntled minority. Grow up!

Trump’s Medicare plan would be terrible for healthcare: According to what Trump said Monday, he doesn’t yet have a healthcare plan. He just wants to make the medical companies rich.

White House digs in on border wall: President Trump should shut down the entire southern border. A real study of what’s going on there and to our country due to illegals coming in is stunning. To not fund a wall is disgraceful, especially on the Republican side.

McSally appointed to vacant U.S. senate seat: And this is the way Arizona honors John McCain. I am through voting for Republican candidates.

Flynn sentencing abruptly postponed: This same leftist judge just ruled Trump must return or reasses every person that sought asylum here. Over 318,000 already waiting. We spend 19 billion annually securing border; $263 billion since 1986 but can’t scrounge up $5 billion to solve the problem?

Senate poised to vote to keep government running to 2019: Better back up, Congress. President Trump said he would be proud to shut the government down. Don’t you people understand who is in charge of everything?

Don Vawter obituary: Rest in peace Mr. Don Vawter. The community will miss you.

Out of state off road vehicles: I personally think this is fantastic! Now we need to increase the fees for the RUDE out of state people coming to our lakes every weekend in the summer and clogging them up and leaving their trash everywhere too!

Illegals and jobs: I read a man lived in Kingman for 24 years and never lost a job to an illegal. Well, another thought: if there are 1 million illegals working than 1 million citizens can’t work.

Rodeo animals: Take a look around Kingman livestock without shade, now that’s cruel! Dogs chained up outside. No shade! That’s cruel! Take care of whats in our own backyard before we worry about others.

There are already workplace protections: So you do not agree with the road they travel? Apparently God does or they wouldn’t exist.

As deadline nears, Trump keeps banging his head against a wall: Trump has told us he is a “self made” billionaire. Why doesn’t he consider donating a billion or more toward the building of his metal slat fence to get the ball rolling?

Man arrested for alledged possession of 68 pounds of marijuana: Just another example of law officers doing their job. They get little thanks and not much respect but they are out there 24/7 protecting the public from lawbreakers.

As deadline nears, Trump keeps banging his head against a wall: Trump goes after the wall because it works. Second year after Israel’s wall, they had ZERO people get in. The real oddity – why Schumer and his ilk are fine with our military guarding other’s borders, just not ours. Un-American!

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