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Rants & Raves | February 4, 2018

Got something on your mind? Tell us about in 40 words or less. If your rant or rave is about a specific story please mention the headline.

Opioids: I love that the Governor has taken this step on opioids. Only sorry it took so long for people to pay attention.

Thanks to the Elks for food baskets: Dittos to the letter writer thanking the Elks for Christmas food baskets. I add my most grateful thanks to Keith Eaton and all who contributed to this great project. Christmas love in action and so appreciated by so many.

Governor Ducey “witholds” opiate meds from citizens: 200,000 Mohave County folks ÷ 6,000,000 pain pills = 30 pills per person, per year. After eight years of these pain pills, I quit one day. Same with the alcohol. That was October 2000. But now the Government considers everyone impotent.

Water: What happens when Mohave County runs out of water? Do we go thirsty because a bad deal was made?

Councilman Stuart Yocum: Why has he not been suspended from his duties? The county attorney went as far as to throw an NACFD board member in jail for conflict of interest. Double standard?

Women’s March: How dare Mr. Henderson use common sense. However, he forgot that with the current climate in this country, people don’t care about any cause but their own. In other words: It’s not about you, it’s about me.

Debt-financing of interchanges: “Debt servicing” beyond seven-year statue-of-limitations specifically outlawed since Moses. But of course public servants aren’t allowed to know this, since the first-book-of-the-law has itself been outlawed in public schools. Kingman should at least get bids for adjustable variable-rate loan repayments.

Women’s March: Why are women marching? That a man can still ask this question is why women have to march.

Man accused in 9 killings had discipline problems in prison: And the serial killer of 9 had a bail hearing set up? Is that some kind of joke?

Opioids: Supervisors should not assume that the older folks need their opioid meds for chronic pain. These meds were not intended for long-term use, and unless you are in a hospital or just released, take a Tylenol. Just do it.

Super Bowl: I don’t watch much football these days because of those players choose to disrespect our country for their own beliefs. But I am going to watch the Super Bowl to see all of the companies that have ads, which help pay these players, so I can boycott their products.

Bananas: Go bananas. 1 scoop vanilla, strawberry, chocolate over split banana. Chocolate syrup over vanilla, strawberry syrup over strawberry, pineapple over chocolate. Whipped cream, dry nuts, 3 cherries. From the home of the banana split in Latrobe, Pennsylvania. Steve Kittey-Editor, Latrobe Bulletin.

Tax increase: This is totally ridiculous, maybe you can pay the extra money, but I can’t. What about the less fortunate people in Kingman. This hurts when you’re on a fixed income. I guess you don’t want to keep Kingman green.

Council’s vote on ratification: The city has just lost any taxes they were looking to gain. Just like me, people will buy outside city limits. Also, the current board of good old boys will most likely be voted out of office at the next election.

Opioids: News flash for the opioid defender. No chronic pain 25 years ago? Perhaps it was the big Tylenol scare that sent everyone to opiates for the rest of their lives? Numbers you need are how much our state’s Medicaid pays.

DACA: How is it the illegal immigrants who came here 30-40 years ago are now being deported? Even if they were a child when they came, they are now an adult . They didn’t apply to become American citizens. I don’t feel sorry for them.

Allowing motorcycle riders to travel between cars in a traffic jam is dangerous: If done correctly, there’s nothing wrong with motorcycles splitting lanes. I did it for years without a single incident, and I never heard of one happening due to doing this.

Finding the common word: Interfaith Harmony Week begins: These are wonderful people of God who have brought such harmony among us in this community. We are so blessed to have them in our lives to share their love and faith. Come and join us at the next event.

Las Vegas shooting: Now there is taxpayer’s money at work. The gunman fired, killed, and then killed himself. Yet we search for someone to charge for his actions. Sounds crazy. If your brother kills someone, your brother is the guilty one, not you.

Rep. Gosar Called for Illegals’ Arrest: Thank you Rep. Gosar. The real rot is elected officials who ignore our laws and put illegals above American citizens; thousands of those illegals then march in our own streets, screaming against us. How dare they.American citizens matter.

Grave Concerns on Russian Memo: Well, no one said it was a Russian memo, but thank God for men like Devin Nunes with the guts to keep plugging to rid us of left-wing “swamp” creatures who are hell bent on illegally destroying duly elected President Donald Trump.

Jeannette Robinson: Sweetest lady around. You go girl. She has helped so many and never asks for anything in return. You deserve this and much more. Wish you could get more exposure for more help. Congrats to you and your staff.

Couple, married 70 years, renew vows – this time in church: They renewed their vows because they were afraid it wouldn’t last. LOL.

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