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Fri, Jan. 24

Letter | Edward Lindsay: Take a moment to stand for the flag

NFL not allowing the veterans or AMVETS stand for the flag is disrespecting the flag, our country, the veterans, and there families that have made the ultimate sacrifice defending the flag.

I do not care what political party anyone is in, we this country are all in this together, the NFL players do just that they make millions playing a game I can tell you after being in a combat zone that is no game.

The players are very talented but they are paid to play, if I was employed and I decided to protest in any form that did not have anything to do with what my job, I would have been fired.

The sacrifices made by our military are very demanding and they under paid. They protect those freedoms that each and every one of us so preciously enjoy. But do you understand just what that flag costs? I doubt you do, because if you did, standing for the flag would be the least you would be doing, like thanking a vet for your freedom. They’re the ones that laid it on the line. Some made the ultimate sacrifice with there lives, some still suffer today years after service, again that flag is expensive it cost lives, blood, sacrifice, limbs, family's, mother's, father's, son's, daughter's, pain and suffering, all so someone can disrespect the flag that our military has so defended.

The NFL players absolutely have that right, but sometimes in order to come together as a nation we have to put aside personal opinions and judgements and just be Americans. It is hard to do sometimes. The flag is not a political party, it is a symbol of this country founded one nation under God, where we are all equal.

So in my opinion, after a combat tour in the Persian Gulf, I can tell you this no matter what anyone thinks, this is the country you live in and enjoy the freedoms fought for under the flag. So at least have the decency as an American to stand for a few seconds for your nation’s flag.

God Bless America and the Flag.

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