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Tue, March 26

Can common sense be taught?

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So, I got to thinking this morning about something that has become a rare commodity. I call it common sense. Not easy to come by at all these days, from texting and talking while driving to those who think it is brave to eat a Tide soap pod. I wonder what is wrong with people in general.

Surely you do not have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that if you go hiking alone with little water on a hot day, you will likely end up being rescued by people who are now risking their own lives. And if your dog is part of this poor choice, you risk his or her life as well.

Most states have had seat belt laws and children's car seat laws in place for several years. Arizona seems to follow suit at the very last moment.

I think it is very cool and important that here in Kingman people can carry a gun. It appears that most of them are actually the good guys and not the bad. I still see animals and children being moved around in the back of trucks, and that scares me. Why not put the dogs in some kind of carrier? Oh yeah, and bring the kids inside the vehicle.

For many years I have wondered why no one came up with a form of birth control for wild animals. If they are able to track them and count them, why not hit them with some kind of dart that would render them sterile?

Just this morning in the Daily Miner I read that some genius has figured out that by doing this it is much more humane than the slaughter of animals. No one thought about this when I was thinking about it 20 years ago? I am sure that I do not have an unusually high I.Q.

And as for marijuana, are you kidding me? A 21-year-old is considered old enough to make a wise decision about drinking, but not smoking a joint? How is that working for you folks? Not enough drunk drivers out there? Are we not spending enough money on jailing and prosecuting pot smokers? Yes, keep giving the cartel folks a state they can still smuggle it in.

I have been seeing some television ads relating to Arizona schools. Are we not at the bottom 10 percent or worse? It seems that we have little available for those who need special education classes, but getting on the honor roll? A piece of cake.

Imagine for just a moment if we were making the kind of money the legal marijuana states are bringing in. You think that MIGHT send a few bucks to the schools? Maybe teachers could make a decent wage?

I did not start this out with the intention of putting down this beautiful state of Arizona. Just wanted to point out some of the dumb stuff that people do for no reason but lack of common sense. While I am thinking about this, maybe we need a class in school about common sense and decision making.

Can it be taught?


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