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Sat, March 23

Letter | Those who disrespect the flag need to think why they live here

I get very emotional when the national anthem is sung and when we say the “Pledge of Allegiance” to our flag due to the men and women who fought and died for it. I’m very proud of being American.

Although I was cheated out of being able to serve, I’ll always be faithful to our country. It really makes my blood boil when I watch old news clips on TV and the way the draft dodgers burned their draft cards, not to mention our precious flag as well.

It also makes me really mad when our men and women retuned from Vietnam and were called “baby killers” and were spit on. I’m very proud of all our heroes who came back from fighting that war.

Who has the right to disrespect our heroes? Those ignorant clowns don’t deserve living in the country, a plain and simple fact. That also includes the war protestors as well.

Here is my question to you: If you don’t love our country enough to sing the anthem and show honor to our flag, then here is some food for thought.

Why are you living here at all? Think really hard about that, people.

Like it or lump it.

Kenny Lee Barrows

Kingman Resident


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