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Rants & Raves | February 11, 2018

Got something on your mind? Tell us about in 40 words or less. If your rant or rave is about a specific story please mention the headline.

Clarissa Lewis Obituary: Rest In Peace Clarissa, you will be greatly missed by so many. Thanks for bringing a smile to my face when I ran into you. Heaven gained an angel. xoxo.

Southern snow: He left out a couple of things about snow in East Texas. 1) News sources will tell everyone that if they go outside they will die. 2) The snow has mud underneath so snow angles are brown.

Opioid numbers don’t tell the whole story: Agreed. I think that all opioid-related legislation should feature at least a couple legislators who have had knee replacement surgeries or other worthy medical procedures requiring serious pain suppression.

Gosar is a fool: Perhaps you need to actually read Lott’s book. You’re wrong about Gosar and Arpaio. And if you are here illegally, it doesn’t matter your skin color. Illegal is illegal. We are a country of laws that need enforcing.

Rant on tax increase being unaffordable: This ends on an urge to “Keep Kingman Green.” Please define, explain exactly what this means. Taxed? Green? What’s the connection? I don’t get it. What does “keeping a city green” actually mean? Thank you.

Laptops: Laptop users, mystery solved. Brand new computer, cursor randomly jumps about. Why? Software bug? Hardware problem? Perhaps $60 to fix? But will it stay fixed? Aha! It was my thumb dragging across the mouse pad. “Repaired” with a 3x5 card.

Library repairs and upgrades: This is the best news I have heard. Our library is a wonderful places of many resources available to this county.

City of Kinggman vs. KAA: $400 per hour and the guy gets sick. At $400 per hour he should never get ill since he can afford to care for his health. Our city council is a complete joke. $400 per hour.

City Council packet pulled, Don Vawter joins race: Tired of the same group trying to control Kingman. Don Vawter is on the same board (KRMC) as Dave French and Krystal Burge. If we really want to see Kingman move forward, we need to break away from the past.

Armour piercing ammunition: My question is why? Why would someone manufacture, and distribute armour piercing bullets to the general public, and most of all, be allowed. The only use for these type of bullets should be to kill someone as in the military.

Christian nation: Finally someone who will put in writing that we were not intended to be a Christian nation. Kudos.

Driving while texting: There are enough bad drivers out there that aren’t texting. So fine them when they get caught. Could save a life.

Freedom of religion: We have freedom of religion. What she wants is freedom from religion, and that will cost her dearly one day in the afterlife.

Christian nation: Information is out of context or just wrong. Everything about the U.S. comes from Christianity and the Bible, including our three branches of government. Read our founders’ actual words. Check out religious symbols in U.S. capitol.

Should Washington manage the West? As I see it, the BLM is charged with managing the land to benefit all the citizens of the United States to enjoy in perpetuity and not only the citizens of any one state.

Sleep and dementia: Great item about sleep and dementia. Easy to read and very informative.Thank you.

Democrats need voters? Myself, an American, and millions of other natural born citizens, vote Democrat. We’re an educated bunch, no need to “import” voters. And, by the way, illegal immigrants are not eligible to vote, so your point is moot.

It’s because Democrats need voters: Exactly. And the worst kind of voters, too. Voting themselves a living on the backs of hard working Americans. MAGA.

Chuckwalla: That’s exactly what we needed. A statue that doesn’t fix the roads. What a waste. Great job, City Council.


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