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Rants & Raves | February 18, 2018

Got something on your mind? Tell us about in 40 words or less. If your rant or rave is about a specific story please mention the headline.

Banning all cell phones while driving: Amazing how we must keep passing these laws. You would think the drivers would know better. Their lives are so important, they must always be connected?

Police shooting at the RV park: I am certain that the officer “was in fear of his life.” Interesting how that rarely works for civilians. We can only use what force the law considers necessary.

Banana Republican Trump: The author complains a national parade President Trump proposes would be money wasted. Perhaps the author feels the $1.8 billion in cash Obama sent Iran, part of which has now been tracked to terrorists, was better spent? Liberals are frightening.

Burro immunocontraceptive: Excellent research and article by Marybeth Devlin. The use of PZP on our burros and wild horses that are not over-populated is only helping BLM wipe them out.

Christian nation: I grew up in a country where even job applications never asked if you were a Christian. Your religion was a personal choice and no one was encouraged to join their neighbors church. Just as it should be.

Javelina hunting: Hunting with your 12 year old. How proud you must be. Already she has learned how to kill animals. What a glorious day for your family! Shame, shame.

City department spending: Mike Lipskin raised questions about the economic development department. Interestingly no such information was made public when the Tourism Department was formed. That department is several years old so perhaps we could be told of its spending and accomplishments.

No longer fashionable to be accountable: This is an excellent article and perfectly sums up how I, and many other of us “old geezers,” feel about the irresponsibility of most people today.

Teacher shortage: First you need educated teachers, and they don’t work for free. Las Vegas pays a teacher $85,000 per year, new ones start at $52,000 per year and that is with a Bachelor’s in education. Worth the 100-mile drive.

Less worried about foreign terrorists: Believe me, I’m not worried about being attacked by other countries or terrorists. The United States has shown many times that we should be concerned about our own people. They are crazy and have no conscience about taking innocent peoples’ lives.

Burro immunocontraceptive: Thank you for publishing the excellent letter from Marybeth Devlin. America’s wild burros are very much in danger. How very tragic it would be for them to disappear forever from our public lands.

Shirley Carlin: I will miss you “Shirl ole Girl” may you rest in peace. I always enjoyed our friendship at work and outside of work. You will be missed by many. Love you.

Parkland school shooting: Another school shooting. When will they not allow these types of guns, and put control on people buying them? I am scared for my grandchildren as it is not getting better it’s getting worse. The shooters are getting smarter every time.

Beale Street Arch: Sorry folks, scrap this idea. There is too much to look up at already. I don’t remember seeing one in Flagstaff. If it is there it blends in with the other stuff. Great pigeon roost. Please take another vote. Ugly.

Trump protects Kelly: Of course Trump would not denounce domestic abuse, he’s a sexual abuser himself. In his eyes no man can do anything wrong and treat women just as they please – they are only objects to him disgusting human.

Body-cam footage of police shooting: Now that sure does clear things up. The man looked as though he was going on the attack, for sure. Are you kidding me?

Drug Court graduate: I graduated Drug Court in Mohave County in 2014. In April, I will have five years off all substances. Thank you Drug Court. I am now an ex-felon, and a published author of a book about my experience. Forever indebted. Thank you.

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