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Fri, Dec. 13

Letter | Doctors, speak simply

Please use more simple layman’s terms. After all, patients such as myself didn’t go to medical school. Please show some compassion, OK?

Patients like myself can’t understand those fancy big words that you doctors always use. Here is my question to you doctors:

Do you think it’s cute to use big fancy words just to make you feel smarter than your patients? Most of us patients would like you to explain what we have wrong in layman’s terms instead of the medical school words.

Would it hurt your ego too much if others could understand what you are talking about?

Please use your heart instead of worrying about your ego or pride. After all, please forgive our ignorance since we don’t understand those big fancy medical terms that you doctors use.

I’m very much a hillbilly and I only understand layman terms. I’m very proud of my country boy terms, and I refuse to talk in a big city slicker Yankee way.

Like or lump it. Get my drift, people?

Just because I was born in the city of Tacoma, Washington don’t mean I have to act and talk like a damn Yankee.

Kenny Lee Barrows


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