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Mon, July 22

Letter | We shouldn’t get hysterical over loss of school children

We all grieve the terrible loss of life last week in Florida. Some of us think the FBI dropped the ball when they received earlier warnings about the shooter. And no, President Trump didn’t mention guns, but instead spoke on mental health in his first remarks.

The left wing went into their predictable hysteria, blamed Trump, the right and again demanded guns be banned. They never concede if all guns were banned, a person intent on doing great harm would find a way.

Consider the largest American school mass murder that is never mentioned, probably because it doesn’t fit the anti-gun rhetoric.

The new elementary Bath Consolidated School in Bath, Michigan, built to bring together all children in the region, was blown up at 8:45 a.m. May 18, 1927.

Farmer and electrical engineer-trained Andrew Kehoe was furious at the school’s property tax increase;. He was a member of the school board and tried many ways to get the taxes lowered. When all failed, he spent months secretly wiring 500 pounds of dynamite and sacks of gunpowder in the school.

On the fateful morning, he first killed his wife and tore his farm up, then drove into town after school opened and detonated the dynamite, which killed 45 people, 38 of whom were children. Only a bad circuit kept it from being worse. Then, with the superintendent and others close to his already explosive-laden truck, he blew them and himself up.

It was big news for three days, treated as an isolated event by one wacko. No one got hysterical and suggested banning dynamite. The fourth day, the news was on to Charles Lindbergh’s flight.

Linda Athens

Kingman Resident


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