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Rants & Raves | February 25, 2018

Got something on your mind? Tell us about in 40 words or less. If your rant or rave is about a specific story please mention the headline.

Banning all cell phones while driving: I have to ask what it is that these kids find so important that they need updates every few minutes. Do they really believe their lives are so important to others? I mean in the way of communication.

The flu: Flu shot or no flu shot? A bad year, either way. I will take my chances without one, and hope for the best. So far, so good.

Body-cam footage of police shooting: Thank goodness for body cams. The victim never pointed the gun at the officer as the officer reported when calling for medical.

Art brings a community together: Great column by Claire Whitley. I hope everyone reads it. We need more of this type thinking, not the status- quo reasons why we can’t or shouldn’t do something.

Arizonans for Wildlife seek help in fight against trophy hunting: Trophy hunting? A little jail time, instead of a fine could change everything! It often takes more than money to make a real difference to the offenders.

Kingman’s newest resident: Do you buy paintings for your living room before you have furniture? Tourist will remember the trash, the parked junk, the bad roads way before they will remember a metal chuckwalla!

Butch’s Brew, ‘Bubba Jo opines about oppression:’ Loved the blog on Burro’s. Love those guys and gals. I hope they will be left alone, or cared for in some way.

Arizonans for Wildlife seek help in fight against trophy hunting: No scientific basis for this ban. There is no trophy hunting here. Already illegal to hunt Jaguars, ocelots, lynx. Lynx don’t exist here. Lions/bobcats are plentiful and expanding. Science, not ballot box politics must remain the driver of wildlife management.

Death penalty pulled in Rector trial: Read your Bible. An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. Public execution is the way to get things done, might deter future criminals knowing they will hang until they are dead.

Dismantling the domination of deterrence theory: The writer mistakenly thinks capital punishment is to deter others from committing crimes. No, it is the punishment for that particular person committing a heinous crime, usually murder.

P&Z Commission discusses outdoor screening, tiny homes: You’ve got to be kidding me! Can we sic the Health Department on P&Z for mosquito abatement violations? Watch them fight it out? These people must be a part of the “Good Old Boys” crowd that we keep hearing about.

Gas tax remains stable, counties have to raise road funds on their own: Oh boy, I wonder what they will squander it on. A new building, more cars, how about a raise for the Supervisors. I’m sure it won’t go to roads.

‘Numerous dead’ in Parkland shooting: Florida Shooting. Always did believe that NO ONE outside of military and law enforcement has any reason to own weapons of war. I don’t care what NRA has to say. Time to shut those idiots down!

Democrats are destroying our democracy: Mr. Gaither thinks democrats are the only socialists. We need to wean the republicans, who are the majority in this county, off the government dole before we start on the democrats.

‘We have to do something’: Thank you KDMiner, for Ben Shapiro’s Feb. 22 column, the most sensible thing I’ve read yet on Gun Control. Essentially, to enforce EXISTING (Constitutional) laws, and to ignore the media with it’s inverted priorities (good is bad, bad is good).

Yocum gets a second chance: Wow! Lets see. Should I go to court or to the dentist? Unbelievable that the J.P. would even consider that excuse. Just B.S. in a different wrapper.

Baby killer gets 20 years: Sadly this situation is no longer rare. When single Mom’s are trying to support children and have no affordable day care, this is OFTEN the result. We need to do more to fix this.

Packets pulled for City Council election: Miles voted to increase the sales tax, voted for a $10,000-lizard, voted for a $200,000-arch and is for a city property tax. The citizens of Kingman can’t afford to have you as mayor.

Beale Street Arch, Chuckwalla sculpture: First of all, who would ever come to Kingman because we have an arch and a chuckwalla? Give me a break, can’t you do something more useful with our funds? As in roads, park improvements, Rt. 66 attractions. Come on, lets get real.

Why do DUI drivers get bigger breaks than some felons: You don’t believe they should get a chance after they have paid their debt to society? A convicted felony should not end your life, people like you ensure failure. If a death was involved, then yes.

Truck crashes, falls onto train tracks off of Hualapai Mountain Road: This is bizarre. Last week, a driver of a truck drove onto the railroad tracks at the Hackberry Road RR crossing and was killed when a (presumably) BNSF train smashed the truck from behind.

City increases incentive for joining sewer system: I would like an explanation of why it would cost $10,000 to abandon a septic tank and connect when the line exists in front of the home. Too much? Is this another way for the city to make money?

Woman loses $2,000 in parking lot: How unfortunate losing $2,000 in a parking lot. I would like to think that most people would return it to it’s owner if found. I know I can speak for myself and all my family members.


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