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Rants & Raves | January 7, 2018

Got something on your mind? Tell us about in 40 words or less. If your rant or rave is about a specific story please mention the headline.

Beale Celebrations closing: Never liking the part of BC, some company (JC Penney) should take it back to it’s original intent as a brick and mortar department store. Just having a 7-percent walk-in sales increase. God knows, we need department stores here.

Danny Gravener letter: Sooo, all DACAs will be lining up for assistance? All are Democrats? This is the effect of fake right news.

Drug Court graduation: Congratulations. I know it was very hard, and you are to be commended for your effort to rid yourself of this evil thing that takes your life over. May you all have continued success and may God bless you and your parents.

Minimum wage increase: It’s about time. Maybe these people can survive. Meanwhile, Congress makes $78.13 an hour for doing absolutely nothing. And the guy in charge makes $260.41 for golfing (which he claims he donates). A joke.

Danny Gravener letter – After securing our borders, we need to send DACAs home: Danny hit the nail on the head. However, having been raised in the U.S. these children are probably bilingual, so why do teachers and law enforcement have to learn Spanish for them?

DACA: I agree completely, even Mexico has stricter illegal immigrant laws than we do. Let them apply to come in legally. Easy solution – bounty on employers using illegals, they lose business licenses for one year.

VA considering additions for illnesses caused by Agent Orange exposure: What this article doesn’t tell you, a decision was promised on Nov. 1. On Nov. 2, the Nov. 1 deadline date the VA itself had set for its decision, issued a brief statement promising only more delay.

Mohave County braces for California marijuana legalization: This is not a 40-word subject. But somehow I think America’s founders would weigh in on the marijuana stances of California and Arizona. After reiterating their immovable stance regarding government intrusions into their homes. Here’s to our blood-bought heritage.

Re-entry program for inmates: What a shame that Governor Ducey and his plan for a offender re-entry program is scrapped. Perhaps the county (Maricopa) prefers to use the revolving door solution. It makes their job easier?

Bail: We hold people who are in jail on a $5 million bail, but if you steal $1.5 million you go home on $10 bail.

Mohave County braces for California marijuana legalization: Mohave County is already gearing up for the legalization of the green in California. Get a grip. Meth and opioids are rampant here. Time to prioritize your enforcement. Is there not enough for the police to do in our county?

DACA: The vast majority of DACAs have, or will have, jobs. They will pay taxes and contribute to society. To think otherwise is just plain ignorance.

Arch: Stop spending money on the unnecessary, frivolous, city council wish list. Mighty strange that the city can pay for an arch that is not needed, but when something really needs doing they cry, “broke.” No more taxable purchases in town.

Resident concerned suspected drug activity continues despite making contact with sheriff’s office: I don’t think we have a sheriff in Golden Valley. Just a guy dressed like a sheriff who takes a report and then leaves to be never seen again. We have meetings with guys in sheriff uniforms, but no help.

Supporters for a downtown arch: All small towns do not have arches, that is as stupid as the doctor who told me that everyone in Kingman smokes and drinks. Well, I’m not everyone and I don’t smoke, drink or want a useless arch.

Kelli Ward: Some medical doctor, she doesn’t seem to have any bedside manner at all and has a heart as black as coal. After the way she tried to jump into McCain’s seat, I wouldn’t vote for her.

Kelli Ward and Bannon-Trump dispute?: Dispute? Dr. Ward must go with the unbelievable record President Trump has achieved in less than one year. Yesterday, Dow Jones highest in U.S. history, ISIS is running, two million new jobs. We should all be as “mentally unbalanced” as Trump. Brilliant.

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