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Tue, June 18

Kingman's First Baby: Based on events leading to Adlee May’s birth, she may already have a chosen career

Adlee May is pictured with her parents Kayla and Jason, and brother Devin, 11,  and sister Dallas, 5. Her brother Deante is not pictured.
KRMC courtesy photo

Adlee May is pictured with her parents Kayla and Jason, and brother Devin, 11, and sister Dallas, 5. Her brother Deante is not pictured.

Don’t be surprised if we hear about the dancing exploits of Adlee May Anderson sometime in the future.

When her mother, Kayla Hoague, and father, Jason Anderson, realized their daughter had a chance to be Kingman’s first 2018 baby, they went dancing New Year’s Eve with those hopes.

“We tried to dance the baby out,” Kayla said. “But that didn’t happen.”

A Jan. 1 birthday for Adlee May didn’t work out, but when she arrived at 4:21 p.m. Jan. 3 at Kingman Regional Medical Center weighing 7 pounds, 0.5 ounces, and stretching 19.5 inches long, she claimed the 2018 title.

And it was dancing that brought Kayla and Jason together nearly four years ago on Feb. 1, 2014.

“We had mutual friends introduce us at a wedding,” Kayla said. “We met up on the dance floor.”

Kayla had at least one reservation about Jason at the start.

“She thought I was way younger than her,” Jason said. “I’m actually two years older.”

Kayla and Jason bring Adlee May home to three siblings: Devin, 11, Deante, 10, and Dallas, 5. Jason has been busy being getting settled into his stepfather role with those three, and Adlee May’s sister Dallas is one who gives him a big thumbs up.

“Jason took to becoming a stepfather very well,” Kayla said. “My daughter lets me know Jason isn’t mine, he’s her Jason. She has stuck to him like glue. Always has.”

The couple had a difficult time arriving at the name Adlee May, but the name was on the shortlist they had made.

“The other three (kids) start with ‘D’, and Jason didn’t want a D-name,” Kayla said. “Her name was Pineapple during the pregnancy, and it was until her second day.”

If the way Adlee May rolls off the tongue gives you a sense of the South, then naming her that way has served part of its purpose.

“Kayla wanted a southern name,” Jason said.

Adlee May’s mother said the pregnancy was uneventful with the exception of the 28th week, when the baby made a ruckus to be born at that time. She may have been dancing.

“She tried to come early,” Kayla said. “But I got a shot in my butt every week to stop a preterm labor.”

Delivery was induced Jan. 3 to begin bringing Adlee May into the world, and everything seemed to going great for her mother.

“It was all good, fun and games,” she said. “But then the contractions got painful, and we called the nurse. I told her I wanted to tap out.”

An anesthesiologist was called and by the time the doctor set things up, Adlee May let them know she had other plans.

“She came really fast,” Kayla said. “She came without me getting any medication.”

Adlee May’s father is quite pleased with her birthdate of Jan. 3. The family will be celebrating birthdays on the third of three consecutive months.

“The reason I like the date is that my father’s birthday is Nov. 3,” he explained, “mine is Dec. 3 and now hers is Jan. 3.”

The new mother and father can tell you they have a happy baby.

“She smiles a lot,” Kayla said. “She seems to do it when no one is looking because we catch her smile at the end of it.”

“We say, ‘she’s smiling for the angels,’” Jason added.

The family received a gift basket with nearly $500 worth of gifts from local businesses, including CVS Pharmacy, Del E. Webb Wellness and Rehabilitation Center, KRMC Public Relations, KRMC Volunteer Services, Sweet Peas Photography, and Walgreens.


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