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Sat, Jan. 18

Community View | Route 66 Gateway Arch: It’s not rocket science, just get it done

In regard to The Route 66 Gateway Arch, it seems that again we are inundated with a whole flock of confusing information.

We have been presented with a minimum of five options, all with strings attached.

Option 1. Beale Street somewhere near The Dollar General store. $255,000.

Option 2. Beale Street around Locomotive Park. $175,000.

Option 3. Andy Devine Avenue near Locomotive Park. $170,000.

Option 4. Andy Devine Avenue by the Powerhouse Visitor Center. $185,000.

Option 5. Andy Devine Avenue by Third Street. $240,000.

Option 6. But wait, there is a silver lining to this dark cloud. As of this month we have a valid contract with a company called YESCO. Yes, yes, YESCO may be coming to our rescue.

For only $131,244, we can have our arch constructed at Beale Street, Locomotive Park, and Lee Williams High School.

The city has received a donation of $34,734 toward the arch construction. This donation also comes with strings attached. This donation must be used by June 30, 2019.

So the City Council must get off of their butts and get this project done, finally.

We have a valid YESCO contract for $131,244 and can use our donation of $34,734. We can get our arch designed and built for less than $100,000, but (yes, there is a big but) to get this deal we need to act quickly. I see no need to sit on this particular egg for any longer; it is hatching now.

According to The Daily Miner, the City Council has been sitting on this egg since 2003. Apparently they are waiting for the egg that finally hatches to be filled with lots of cash or perhaps a miracle solution to their confusion. In 2003, the cost study estimated a cost of $60,000 for the arch. We are now double to more than triple the city’s original estimate.

Due to the confusion and extreme procrastination we are now stuck with a huge bill that seems to be increasing every day.

To me the logical placement of an arch to greet visitors to the downtown area would be where Beale Street and Route 66 split; this would adequately cover Route 66 and greet visitors to the downtown area. To further confuse the issue, I think we also should have an arch on the other end of downtown to greet visitors coming in on Route 66.

I am at a loss to understand just why the City Council seems so confused as to how to use assets at their disposal.

They have a valid contract in hand, and they have a $34,734 gift donation in hand. Is there anyone on the City Council that will step up and finally get this project done?

It has been 15 years and we are still not done. Come on crew, Git-R-Done!

This is not rocket science.

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