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Rants & Raves | January 21, 2018

Got something on your mind? Tell us about in 40 words or less. If your rant or rave is about a specific story please mention the headline.

State education spending: It’s too bad the voters did not make it very clear that the 123 initiative had to go to teachers pay. School districts once again short teachers and pocket the difference. What a shame to the backbone of education.

Sales tax increase: Why won’t City Council let citizens of Kingman vote to express their will regarding the sales tax increase? The City Council wants citizens to pay for interchanges the Council wants, but the interchange funding could literally bankrupt Kingman.

Trust and truth under Trump: No-brainer. Study the results. Black unemployment is the lowest in history, two million off food stamps, help wanted signs everywhere (including Kingman), auto factories moving back to the U.S., 90 percent will soon get more take-home pay, pipelines/coal mining back in business.

Rep. Paul Gosar: Why I voted against FISA 702 reauthorization: Thank you. It’s good to know that at least one of our elected officials has our back.

Sales tax: Why is it they always add a new tax to pay for things that don’t matter? We don’t need an arch or chuckwalla to welcome people to Kingman. We need people who run our city to spend our tax dollars wisely.

Lingenfelter’s plagiarism: Kingman City Council member Travis Lingenfelter’s plagiarism has compromised his integrity. How can I ever believe anything Lingenfelter says? Lingenfelter should immediately resign from the Kingman City Council.

Downwinders: This disgusts me. I can’t believe our senators and representatives have let this go this long. They are too worried now about covering up all of their wrongdoings and making excuses for the president to concentrate on their business.

Koreans come together for Olympics: We can thank President Trump’s North Korea hard line for the North and South coming together during the Olympics. Great news and a start. President Trump’s dozens of other accomplishments in one short year are nothing short of miraculous.

Sales tax and interchanges: What these council members fail to understand is these tax increases will not cover the interchanges. Plus, who is going to pay for the new fire and police stations needed with the interchanges for the increased crime and fires?

Kingman’s Route 66 “Arch”: Not to further delay things, but the front page “arch” pictured recently was a disappointment. Might as well run a walkway between two buildings and hang a “Route 66” sign on it. No aesthetic appeal, as a hanging rope inverted.

Meah Wilson: Wow. What an accomplishment for Meah. Congratulations and best of luck. Your parents, who I know very well, must be proud as can be. Good luck. You go girl. On to the Olympics.

Marshall-Brennan Club: Loved the line by the student who now gets to view both sides of the issue. What a better country this would be if more people would do that. I’m sure other rants will prove my point.

Interchanges: It seems to me those citizens who support Kingman Citizens for Responsible Taxation legitimately question the wisdom of mortgaging the future of Kingman to build two interchanges. What if they build the interchanges and the jobs do not come?

Interchanges: I urge all citizens to support Kingman Citizens for Responsible Taxation to rein in City Council members who continue to vote for tax increases and interchange funding. City Council needs to follow the law with regards to advertising voting agenda items.

Possible drug house: Give informaton to the police. Write them a letter, but please don’t put your name out there.


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