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Wed, March 20

Community View | Political division ended what was a blossoming friendship

I met some people a while back, and over cocktails we became friends. We had a great deal in common and enjoyed many of the same things. We liked them and they seemed to like us. We went to lunch together that day and even made plans to attend some local events together.

Over lunch we found that politically we were not on the same page. I was shocked. How could this be? These people seemed to be not only normal, but above average as thinking and well-meaning adults.

What had just happened? Had these nice people inhaled a spore? How could they believe what they did? It was obvious that this new knowledge had altered our feelings for one another.

I wondered why? I had never sent money to any political party. I just leaned to the right and they were leaning to the left, but that should not be enough to drive people apart.

This was not a life-changing event, these were simply opinions, no big deal. I could feel the room cool.

We were going to lose these wonderful people. They were not going to be our new friends after all. I did not want that to happen and I think they felt the same, but it was happening. We could not stop it.

Some crazy social pressure was pushing us apart. Political parties that most likely would never help or hinder us personally in any way, had been allowed to ruin a really nice blossoming friendship.

If I had it to do over again, I would try to not let that happen.


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