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Wed, March 20

Community View | Marijuana battle up in smoke

And the battle goes on. There are still so many who have the old school idea of marijuana. What it is, and what it does or does not do. Who can remember “Reefer Madness?” Yikes. That stuff was practically turning people into zombies! How could so many years go by, and still you consider it a “gateway” drug? Just in my small circle of family and friends, NONE of them ever moved on to the hard drugs. And some have been smoking the “reefer” for more than 50 years. I do not recall any overdoses, or anyone seeking treatment for drug addiction. I recently saw an item about one state that was demanding those who use marijuana would have to give up their gun rights. Hopefully it was fake news, but alas this kind of thinking is almost laughable. How could any state allow those with a DUI or some other history of alcohol abuse to get and keep a firearm, but not the smokers? Hard as some “non-believers” try, they are still unable to use pot smoking as a reason for vehicle accidents, and certainly not for assaults. Do they really think it works like LSD or some other mind altering drug? It is happening folks, so stop fighting about it, and find another cause more worthy.


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