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Thu, Oct. 17

Letter | H. Gutierrez: Another chapter of ‘As the Airport Turns’

In a few short years the KAA has been successful in turning the Kingman Airport in to a “s---hole,” as our nation’s leader would say.

I still can’t believe what I just read on the front page of the Kingman Daily Miner Wednesday. The Kingman Airport Authority group has the audacity to continue to take money from the City of Kingman to spend it unreasonably at their wish on a losing battle.

This folks is exactly what the KAA is made of. This is exactly why the airport is in the shape it’s in, bad and unproductive.

In just a few short years, the KAA and its alleged governing board have taken away our airline service from the airport, our pilots lounge along with our restrooms, our pilot stores, our great airshows, our pilot training facilities, our other fixed-base operator, and the list goes on and on.

All because this handful of employees at the KAA building want to continue to take all the money they are getting paid and do nothing that they are getting paid to do, and do as they please.

These people are getting paid to do a specific job and they are doing everything else but what they are suppose to do. These people have a lot of audacity, and to boot, they just among themselves voted to up money that belongs to the city and spend it – or better said – to give it to their attorney.

What kind of people do this? In quoting Krystal Burge, KAA president of the board of directors, she says, “We want a wonderful airport to provide opportunities for community members.”

What could be further from the truth? I ask you, if all she does for a fact is take money like it grows on trees and just spends it, and she is capable of doing that with no conscience and she sure shows it in the way these people have wiped out the Kingman Airport and general aviation.

This is a public airport for everyone to enjoy and use, and not for personal gain for anyone.

Feb. 5 is rapidly approaching, and I can’t wait.

I thought Dave French retired? That was a quick visit with his grandkids of two weeks. Wow, he sure cut that off short? I really can’t for the life of me understand why he would want to come back to his previous job. It just doesn’t make sense. It wouldn’t surprise me if he will be on the payroll just like old times, running to the bank every payday.

I wonder who makes all these decisions? Could it be Krystal Burge? Hmm, I wonder? Could this be why the airport is in such shambles, and caters to a handfew and not general aviation like it’s suppose to?

I just can’t wait till Feb. 5.

It’s just another chapter of “As the Airport Turns.”

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