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Rants & Raves | January 28, 2018

Got something on your mind? Tell us about in 40 words or less. If your rant or rave is about a specific story please mention the headline.

Washington is last hope for girl scout cookies: Seriously? Sin tax on girl scout cookies? Seriously?

Couple Charged In Daughter’s Death: Happens all too often these days. How this poor little girl must have suffered. She is at peace with God now and I am still for the death penalty.

80-year-old accused of bank robbery: At least he has a bail. Vic Riccardi didn’t. Why is that? Anyone with an answer?

Citywide cleanup for Kingman: Real nice of the City of Kingman. But what about the rest of the area around Kingman but not in the city limits? This whole area around Kingman needs cleaned up.

Corliss Markee Foley: Corliss was a pleasure, in FHA Club, in Theta Rho girls. Corliss surely inherited her giving spirit from her mother, who bore life’s problems with a smile. A great little lady passed this way. Rest in peace with your Pat.

Anti-smoking plan may kill cigarettes – and save Big Tobacco: There was no mention of the product that worked for me and was prescribed by my doctor. Nicotrol nicotine inhaler; it feels and smokes like a cigarette, gives you the needed nicotine but no smoke or vapor (problem was solved).

Kingman Airport Authority: The audit covered federal grants but not money for building rental or plane storage. Bob Riley said all buildings are rented. Where is that money going? It’s not for any improvements. They continue to use money to fight taxpayers.

Washington is my only hope against Girl Scout cookies: Seriously, ban Girl Scout Cookies because of your diet? Have you even been to a grocery store and looked in the cookie aisle? Thousands and thousands of cookies. If you are on a diet, then don’t eat them.

President Trump’s wall: Too bad the cartels use tunnels to cross. They would have to sink the walls as deep as 300 feet. (One tunnel found in Arizona was 300-feet under and could take a small car through it.) Great try.

Anti-smoking: Please explain to me why you are even allowed to smoke in any public place; i.e. the casinos. It smells, the minority of people do not smoke, so why do we have to put up with it at all?

City sales tax: We don’t need two more interchanges. There is nothing out there except businesses that will somehow magically appear after we spend millions. Who owns that land and why should we spend tax dollars to make it more valuable. Just saying.

Danielle Keller: RIP Danielle. You were the kindest, funniest person I ever met. You never missed a minute to say, “Hey, Lady” whenever I crossed your path. It is true; Heaven gained a new angel. Thanks for being a “ray” of sunshine. Bless you my friend, xoxo.

Danielle Keller: Obituary for Danielle Keller was quite moving. It sounds like she truly left an impression on many lives. Makes me wish I had known her. Rest in peace, lovely lady.

Wages are definitely declining under Trump: The author of this article must be hiding in a cave. With Apple alone bringing over $350 billion back to the U.S. will create more high paying jobs. Let alone the hundreds of other companies doing the same.

Trump under “oath”: Oh, how I wish that Trump was Pinocchio. His lies become his truths. The only real way to tell he is lying is to put him through a lie detector test. His “oath” is a joke.

Elected officials have done nothing to protect Kingman aquifer: Jack Eherhardt may not know the whole story (and may be entitled to more outrage), as the Saudis are behind land and water grabs around the globe right now. They’ve scooped land along the Colorado River, for example.

KAA legal fees: So the place is a mess but can come up with $100,000 for legal fees. Pathetic.

Councilman Stuart Yocum: Reason for not attending court, he has a suspended drivers license. How was he going to get there? Now there is KART, the bus service, and I would of given him the $1.50 if I knew he didn’t have a ride.

Water drilling in Kingman: Instead of building two interstate ramps and a mall, when malls are closing across the country, maybe our city government should be concerned about what we are going to use for water.

Stuart Yocum driving conviction: Why is this individual still a member of the Kingman City Council?

Councilman Stuart Yocum: City Councilman Yocum has shown contempt for the safety of Kingman residents. Driving on a suspended license after a DUI arrest shows Yocum is not fit to serve as a councilman. Yocum needs to resign as city councilman.

KRMC Black Gala event: KRMC Foundation holding annual fundraiser in Laughlin? These are the same people that are “howling” buy local, spend your money in Kingman, support local businesses. Event to be out of town and out of state. Way to go.

Kingman growth: Why do we want Kingman to grow? We moved here from areas where traffic congrestion, property prices and taxes made living unbearable. We found a quiet, affordable little town of nice people – except for its officials, who fight over everything.

TPT tax: Mayor Monica Gates is spot on regarding her concerns about using sales tax revenue to fund proposed interchanges. City services will be harmed when an inevitable economic slowdown requires general fund debt-servicing payments due to declining sales tax revenue.


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