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Wed, March 20

Community View | Democrats are destroying our democracy

Well, aren’t we special?

We get the honor of watching the destruction of the greatest democracy the world has ever known. That’s right, thanks entirely to the Democrats’ love of socialism (workers work hard to earn a living for those that don’t want to work).

And this is the way Democrats want America to be? It must be, just look at all the policies that the democrat politicians support. They all pursue this same socialist path.

So, why do you Democratic voters blindly vote for these Democratic politicians that support socialist policies? You have it in your power to turn this destruction of our American democracy around, just don’t re-elect these socialist candidates. (I know it’s difficult to find Democratic candidates who will stand up for policies that is right for all Americans and not just for those who won’t carry their own weight).

They will appear when it becomes apparent that you Democrat voters are not supporting the party anymore and the Republicans are taking back power in D.C.

They will get the message and great Democratic candidates will appear again.

So think seriously about your next vote. Do I help stop this destruction of our democracy or would I rather live under a socialist government?

That’s what your next vote means.


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