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Rants & Raves | July 1, 2018

Got something on your mind? Tell us about in 40 words or less. If your rant or rave is about a specific story, please mention the headline.

Letter | Heat not suitable for hiking: Yes, hiking when it is over 100 does not show much sense. Worse than that, they often bring animals and small children. Perhaps a “Finders Fee” should be accessed for the rescues.

Lost money at Walmart: Anyone that has sold real estate and a business, and carries around thousands in cash will attract the attention of the IRS! Bet on it!

Texting ban for teens with learner’s permits takes effect Sunday: Studies show that cell phone use while driving is as distracting as DUI, for which they DO take away your license. I’m tired of paying increased insurance premiums for scofflaws or someone else’s addiction. Our lawmakers are too easily swayed.

Court rules hashish not covered by medical marijuana card: More proof that if you don’t know anything about the subject you shouldn’t be making the rules. What they are making is not hash, it is a concentrate.

Laura Ingalls Wilder: Once again people want to apply today’s standards to yesterday’s history. You can not change history by deleting someone’s name, unless you are ISIS or The Taliban. Learn from history, don’t erase it.

City v. KAA: City Council and Carl Cooper need to get a grip. They got the airport, but they are allowing the airport user’s group to call the shots. The airport is under new management alright, but it isn’t the city.

City v. KAA: The City got what it wanted, the airport. Why keep the pot stirred? To appease the airport user’s group? So Mr. Williams can commit the same act that he’s accusing others of? Doesn’t the City have better things to do?

Physicians and opioids: What do you think people with chronic pain did 50 years ago? Oh that’s right, there wasn’t any chronic pain then. Which came first, the chronic pain, or opioids?

Keep Families Together rally set for Saturday: Better Idea, lets support existing immigration laws and remove and deport law breakers.

Keep Families Together rally: is funded by George Soros! Why is this church accepting monies from him?

Vanishing America: I`m glad I will be around to see those that hate pass on into the afterlife!

Separating families at the border: When parents break the law, their children are often removed from their care. I have absolutely no sympathy for the parents. It would probably be cheaper to find temporary foster care. Isn’t that where all other children go?

Change needed at KRMC board: Thanks Penny for your editorial. Couldn’t agree more with your analysis that the community board needs to be totally independent. It’s curious many of the same players that operated the airport and industrial park are also on the hospital boards.

City files suit against KAA to recover fees: Excellent. So glad the city is moving to recover the funds KAA illegally used to fight the city. I hope the city completes a thorough review of all monies KAA took in and spent including salaries, compensations, etc.

Marine Obituary: God Bless this marine, may he rest in the arms of the Lord even as I write this!

Alternatives to jail a welcome sight: This makes absolute sense. I come from a small town in Arizona and when I was young we always witnessed these kinds of people doing community service and it did in fact change lives. Such a common sense move.

Migrant Parents Looking for Kids: You want to keep track of your kids; stay in your own country instead of invading ours illegally. We send over 1 billion dollars to each Central American country – they come here anyway and we get to pay more.

Trump and Putin: The Russian trolls are already out on Facebook, Twitter etc. Do you think Trump will make his meeting with Putin public or will it be behind closed doors?

Missing $170,000: This woman who “left” this money in a shopping cart should ask for pardon for this man. Yes he found the suitcase but didn’t know the contents until he got home. She is as much as fault as he is!

Letter | Tired of physicians who don’t understand the opioid guidelines, laws: Is this writer basing his opinion on one doctor? Did he see that doctor or is this something he is repeating from talking to someone else? Facts please, not rumors.

Dr. Wienke Retires: Best wishes Dr. Wienke. Go and enjoy your retirement; you certainly earned it. We need more Dr’s of every kind that can do it all rather than sending you off to a specialist for every thing.

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