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Tue, May 21

Letter | City of Kingman water department: No extensions, no exceptions

Due to being on disability, I haven't been able to pay my water bill on time, but it is paid. The ladies at the department had been helpful in working with me for extensions, etc. However, because of state Medicaid issues, my disability income was $720 for February and March, so I paid what I could.

Having medical issues, my short-term memory was shot. In late April I woke up to no water. I contacted the water department, and I was told "because of my payment history I had pay now.” To reconnect my water it would cost a $110 deposit, plus the past due balance of $57. They were happy to bill the reconnection fee on next month's bill.

Well, that $110 was all that was left to feed my son and me for 10 days.

I went to the water department June 12 on other business and was told my bill amount for next month, and if I'm late $3 would be added. No problem. I was then told, "I don't think we'd disconnect you over $25, but if you don't it'll be at your own risk."

Then on June 18 when I received a disconnect notice due by June 22 or else. I asked for an extension. I was told "we no longer allow extensions."

No notice, no selecting setting up a different date for automatic payments; zero tolerance. Is this the City of Kingman's way to extort money because they cannot collect additional revenue? If $25 was not received by June 22, the water would be disconnected again. Now keep in mind, no extensions; even though I have no ability to pay until June 30.

I've been living in Kingman 14 years, and I’ve been disabled 38 years. My uncovered medical expenses are $225 each month, and the only state, federally funded program excludes Service Connected Disability Income. Living on limited income doesn’t matter when the new motto is “no extensions, no exceptions.”

Tell that to my son, who had a birthday recently. Even an 18-year-old deserves a cake. After paying for eight days of food for two and paying the water bill, all that was left was $4.

Do they care that their “no extensions, no exceptions” means I don't get insulin, test strips, and have to reuse needles two to three times a day? I was told "not our problem.”

My son said he could wait two weeks for a birthday cake. I don't think so. Because of my medical issues, I need a lot of help, and he already sacrifices a lot for me. Because of this “no extentions, no exceptions,” he'll have to wait two weeks for his birthday cake. He shouldn't need to do that. He's compassionate, selfless, never complains, and unlike the City of Kingman, he'll wait until July 3.

Imagine someone 70 years old, delinquent for $25, being told no extensions, no exceptions, then being told "not our problem." By the way, since your service will be disconnected you'll need to pay $167 to have your service reconnect, oh, I'll do you a favor and add the reconnection charge to your next water bill.

Guess what, if the City's policy continues to be no extensions, no exceptions, then it might be you one day or someone you know who has to weigh water versus medical supplies.

Welcome to Kingman. I wish someone would take that sign down. This isn't Kingman, its beginning to feel like hell, and if I wanted to live in hell, I'd take a trip to Hell, Michigan.

Cindy Kohli

Kingman resident


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