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Tue, July 23

Letter | Havasu exclusion

We’ve had an interesting debate in Lake Havasu City between the establishment Republican Party in Sonny Borrelli and Mayor Mark Nexsen and a true spokesperson for the people, J’aime Morgaine. It seems to me this represents exactly what is wrong with our elected officials, who tell us “you don’t need to be concerned about how your government works – or doesn’t work – but just trust us to take care of all that and to know what’s best for all.” (Especially me and my ruling class cronies).

Now if these, our “representatives,” would connive and mislead about whether or not an event was billed as a Republican event, then it seems everything else they say should be suspect. As billed in the Havasu News – (June 24: Octane Wine Garage, 2198 McCulloch, 4-7 p.m. Meet District 5 state legislative candidates Sonny Borrelli, Leo Biasiucci and Regina Cobb. City Council candidates also on hand.) Nexsen said Wednesday that Morgaine had a right to be at Sunday’s event as a constituent.

“I told her that it was a Republican reception. Unless she planned to write a check for one of the candidates, it would have been inappropriate for her to be there.”

This is why we have Mary Robinson McCord and J’aime Morgaine, two progressive candidates running in Legislative District 5 - to challenge the established “Good Ole Boys” network that doesn’t want input from our ordinary citizens but only from the donors and powerful that keep putting them in office.

We must stand up for our voices to be heard as citizens of this rural area. Support these candidates and have your issues represented.

Danny Baker

Local resident


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