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Sun, Oct. 20

Letter | Re: Liberals don’t actually care

Ms. Myers’ letter and the accompanying cartoon about Liberal Democrats suggested some interesting thoughts to me. First, all modern conservatives should remember that it was crazy wild liberals who dared defy cautious conservatives to declare our independence from the most powerful nation in the world in 1776. If they hadn’t, perhaps we all would have sung “God Save the Queen” yesterday. So maybe we shouldn't decry all liberal thought as the spawn of the devil.

Second, it is clear Ms. Myers’ creed is really about abortion not immigration despite all her references to the what is taking place at the border. Being Pro-Life is clearly her choice and she has a right (that I fought to defend) to express her views of abortion. Personally, I am not pro-choice.

Third, she vigorously accuses all Democrats and assorted groups of extreme hyperbole and hypocrisy. Does she really believe President Trump does not, never has, and never will commit the same degree of hype and hypocrisy. She may agree with his philosophy and his solutions to the nation’s problems, but seriously, no hype and hypocrisy?

Now, I wonder, did anyone notice as how easily the cartoon’s meaning could be reversed by Ms. Myers despised Democrats? It only required three changes to completely change it’s meaning. Change “you support’ to “you do not support,” change “Pro-Choice” to “Pro-Life” and the donkey to an elephant.

Finally, I am ashamed of us Americans who have forgotten how to respect and not condemn other peoples views. Not all Republicans, nor do most Democrats, nor many other Americans agree with President Trump, they are not un-American nor unpatriotic. Were today’s supporters of the President un-American and unpatriotic because they didn’t support Barack Obama? I hardly think so, they disagreed with him, but his supporters and those who did not support him were still patriotic Americans. That folks is how democracy works. Only in tyrannies are those who disagree with the current ruler shot. Be careful, this ruler will not be in office forever and what will his successor think of his or her predecessors supporters. Will they be un-American and unpatriotic?

Walt Craig


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